Fasting Blood Sugar Level 92

In her novel, Fasting, Feasting, Anita Desai eventually accomplishes what many writers attempt and then fail to achieve. She uses light touch, simple language, uncomplicated structure, but at the same time addresses some very big issues and makes a point.

Uma and Arun are children of Mamapapa, the apparently indivisible common identity that parents present. These parents, however, are not at all alike. Mama is protective, perhaps selfish, and not a little indolent. Papa is a parsimonious control freak who locks away the telephone because someone might use it. But they are at least together. Their relationship has survived, despite the long wait for a son, and their disappointment at his disability.

Uma and Arun also have a sister, Aruna. She is bright and pretty, but in her own way she is also disabled, because she is a woman. Aruns disability is visible, but Arunas exists because of the her societys preconceptions about women.

Uma is not pretty, nor is she academic. She wears thick glasses and has fits. And so in the middle class society the family inhabits, Uma can pursue only two possible roles. Either she can be married off, or she can become a labourer, a near slave for the family. The former, of course, is the same as the latter. Only the location is different. For Uma marriage doesnt happen. It does, but it fails before it starts, since the groom was already married and merely wanted to collect another dowry. The arranged marriages of both Umas sister and her cousin also fail. Initially well starred, both end tragically.

Frequently Asked Questions

    why my fasting blood sugar level was 99 mg then i repeated the test after 5 min & it gave me 92 mg .?
    the glucose meter i used was new .

    • ANSWER:
      A 99 and a 92 are the same answer.
      You are looking for a range.7 points is nothing to worry about.

    Question as to blood sugar levels?
    I had a physical recently and my doctor told me that my blood sugar was 101 so I should keep an eye on it. I’ve been very good about what I eat for 1 month now and yesterday administered my own blood sugar test using the OneTouch Ultra 2 in what would be considered a “Random” testing and received a 92. I thought, “Great, what I’m doing is working.” The problem is that this morning after not eating for about 12 hours I did a “Fasting Blood Glucose” test and the result was 105, a retest showed it at 99. Is there any reason that the fasting test (12 hours no food) would be higher than the random test (4 hours no food)? Does the OneTouch just suck?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      IF you took the fasting test in the morning, the reason it may have been higher could be from the glucose that your liver is producing and introducing into your blood stream while you sleep.

      Your other test could’ve been during the day when you are active, using up the sugar.

      HOWEVER…there is a range of the test accuracy (as you saw in your 99 vs. 105 results).

      BTW – these are all perfectly normal results. I wonder why your doctor told you to keep an eye on your blood sugars.

    Are these blood sugar levels alright? (Gestational diabetes)?
    Do these levels seem alright? I thought they were a little low .. my doctor said that 2 out of 4 levels were high for my 3 hour GTT and that they weren’t even that “bad” .. but regardless I’ve been diagnosed with GD and I’ve been following the diet fine .. and I only started the diet yesterday .. but do these seem normal? The doctor wants me to stay under 90 for fasting and under 130 an hour after meals. (NOT two hours, one hour!)

    Day 1

    Day 2
    F-92 (2 over my ideal .. not that bad I don’t think!)

    Just worried .. thanks! :)
    pegz64 — no they don’t, my doctor said under 130 an hour after the three big meals (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) .. i think i already said this?
    & why would I need 3-4 times the insulin when I’m not on any insulin in the first place .. ? My doctor’s office said it’s very rare for them to put anyone on insulin .. & I am not on it!

    • ANSWER:
      if you talk to my doc’s they would say that’s great. here are a few of mine to give another person almost in the same boat as you except type 1 diabetic. also they have me doing pre-meal and post meal one hour after. when there is 2 values that is pre and post

      L- 76/88
      day 2
      D-81/66 they are try to correct my lows but so far no luck .i haven’t got the preggo appetite yet so i have to correct on my own, also i’m on insulin. i would say you are doing just fine keep up the good work.

    Regarding rheumatoid arthritis and dehydration…..?
    Up until 4 months ago my mom would ride her bike daily, lift weights, walk on her treadmill, and do aerobics. Appx 2 hours of intense movement, 5 days a week.

    She did this for years. She has a resting heart rate of 44, a total cholesterol of 127, and a non fasting blood sugar level of 92. Translate all of the above into fantastic health for a 20 year old let alone someone 64.

    Now the woman who didn’t even know what a headache felt like can’t get dressed by herself without whimpering, or even hold a fork. She has been diagnosed with a severe form of rheumatiod arthritis. All her joints are so swollen she can hardly move.

    But the worst is the dehydration. She drinks about 90oz of water per day and it doesn’t stick. She is constantly thirsty, her eyes feel grainy, her skin is dry and flaky, all symptoms of severe dehydration. Does anyone know how to make the water stay in the bodyto be used? What foods to suggest? What web sites or mediactions to research? Please help
    Doctor says “here’s a prescription for Celebrex, try not to use it, the side effects are very dangerous. Best to use aspirin.” Aspirin is having no effect whatsoever. And Celebrex is very scary, she might as well put herself on the liver transplant list now…
    Oh, and she juices vegetables everyday, eats virtually vegetarian – not even by choice, red meat puts her in horrific pain the next day – (she swears if she gets over this she will never eat salmon again)

    • ANSWER:
      Has she been diagnosed?

      I was diagnosed with RA last year and had horrible knee, jaw and wrist problems. The blood in my veins felt like it was carbonated. Most of that is now gone. Apparently RA comes and goes in waves. It gets better and worse. I am a little worse this past week but I have been better since spring.

      I take 2 store brand Excedrin and 2 store brand ibuprofen every four hours all day till I go to bed.

      The Ibuprofen helps eliminate the swelling of the joints. ALL MY SWELLING HAS GONE.
      I still have some pain, but it is much more tolerable. I am NOT on any prescriptions as I have major side effects.
      My left knee was larger than my upper thigh when I started and the Dr prescribed a hinged knee brace for the bad knee and it got better immediately. All swelling and pain has been gone from it for a year. I haven’t worn it in at least 10 months. Once the knees cleared up the wrists were next.

      I do occasionally (as needed) wear a pair of elastic wrist gloves with wrist wraps from Walmart. The are similar to wheelchair gloves.
      Prior to those I wore full wrist supports most of the time . Strangely, gentle wrist rotation in the am when they are worst works. Keeping them over my head when they are really bad helps a lot. When the blood drains out of my hands the pain goes away. Go Figure…

      The amount of water she is drinking isn’t a lot at all. We drink about 100 oz every day. Your body needs plenty of hydration. Plenty of water helps flush out those poisons we aquire through illness and pesticides in our foods.

      Two other things I have done, whether they have helped or not I only know I am better.

      I stopped wheat and began taking cranberry concentrate (8 oz unsweetened in 1 gal. water)
      I drink 6 or 8 oz before all three meals daily and between the meals. It will make you “peep” like crazy. But you will lose swelling and bloat from your inflammation. Use a straw it goes down better. It is excellent for your kidneys and flushes the poisons out of your system. The cranberry concentrate comes from the health food store. The cranberry comes from and book called “The Fat Flush Plan””

      I sympathize with all my heart. I do hope maybe this will give you a little support and maybe something that will help you. I definately understand the “whimpering” I too whimper when it’s at its worst…

      Good luck and God Bless!!!

    Blood sugar from 71 to 134… need some advice?
    I have only recently realized that some symptoms I’ve been having may be related to my blood sugar values. Symptoms are light-headedness, increased heart rate, shakiness, anxiety, sugar cravings, and dizziness.

    I got a glucose meter and started taking some measurements. I was hoping that some of you on this site would be familiar with blood glucose levels.

    Fasting/morning: 71
    3 hours after breakfast (dizzy, shaky, high heart rate): 75
    1 hour later after eating bread and yogurt, symptoms relieved: 92

    1.5 hours after dinner: 134

    From what I have read, these numbers are within “normal” ranges, but I am wondering if it is normal to have such a range in a single day, like from 71 to 134? When should my blood sugar get back to the pre-meal level? 2 hours?

    I just had blood work done at the doctor a few months ago and they said it was all normal (glucose 72).

    Any advice. I am pretty stressed out about this. thanks
    thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      Van Gogh, you are perfect. But only one suggestion . Check your glucose levels after you exercise or when you feel shaky. You may be experiencing HYPOGLYCEMIA.

      Good luck


    I have been told to see an endocrinologist, but i can’t get in for three months(we only have one)?
    I do not have high or low blood sugar levels. My Test this morning was 92 before I ate and later in the day after i had eaten over two hours it was 104. Fasting blood sugar was 92 from 12 hour fast blood test. I have not gained a pound in six months, I drink a lot of water all the time because I have adrenal gland problems so they say. I get tired real easy but not weak. i exercise 30 minutes a day and walk on treadmill 30 min. DO you think my nervousness feeling and tiredness is from hypoglycemia or can it be coming from my neck. I had surgery to fuse two vert. 1 1/2 years ago . Any ideas out there on how to get my health back?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely see an endocrinologist and sorry to say, 3 months sounds about right (they are very busy people!). I’m not going to give medical advice…but if you’re wondering/toying with the idea/doubting if you have hypoglycemia, check your blood sugar!!!

    4 year old with ketosis?!?!?
    i’ve posted recently about my 4 yo son having some issues w/ blood sugar. he had a blood test that showed a slightly elevated blood sugar level of 159 about 2 hours after having a cup of oj. his urine test came back saying he was in ketosis and needs further testing. he had a fasting blood sugar check of 92 last week after the 159. the urine test took an extra week to come in b/c they were checking something w/ his amino acids. his ped is sending us to a specialist. he drinks a lot and sometimes urinates more often then normal also the day he had the blood work /urine test done his breath smelled weird sort of like nail polish remover and his urine will sometimes smell like sweet syrup. i have no idea what is going on and i’m nervous. type 1 diabetes does run in my family but i thought it was a fast and sudden diagnoses…could he be at the VERY early stages and his pancreas is still supplying insulin most of the time??? any thoughts wold be appreciated..i hate waiting to hear from the doctors!!

    • ANSWER:
      You have just described absolute textbook diabetes mellitus/Type 1 diabetes/Insulin dependent diabetes.

      1) Blood sugar – elevated, thats impaired glucose tolerance. Your son is producing low levels of insulin. Insulin basically removes glucose from the blood and transports it into body tissues. When there is low insulin, glucose remains in the blood, so resulting in high blood sugar.

      2) Excessive drinking and urinating – there is too much glucose in the blood, because your son has a low insulin level. This glucose is getting filtered to the urine by the kidneys, which doesn’t happen in healthy individuals. Water ‘follows’ glucose because of osmosis, resulting in excessive urination. He’s drinking a lot because he is losing a lot of water.

      3) Ketoacidosis – that smell on his breath is acetone, formed (along with other chemicals called ketone bodies which have different smells – one being sweet) when the body produces energy by means other than breaking down sugar, because it’s not getting enough sugar due to insulin not removing it from the blood. Nail varnish remover contains acetone, hence why your sons breath smells like it.

      You need to give your doctor a kick up the backside, it’s a wonder how he ever got his medical license.. he has failed to provide a primary diagnosis from your son having ketoacidosis, high blood sugar, high thirst and frequent urination, AND a family history of diabetes! It’s unimaginable that your doctor is waiting on lab results before starting insulin therapy.

      The ketoacidosis is definitely a concern, it raises the acidity of the blood and can affect other body systems.

      Get on to your doctor ASAP, if needs be, take your son to the hospital. He needs treatment right now, otherwise he will get worse. If you get the medication now, he will be absolutely fine.

      Best of luck, and let me know how you get on.

    confusion about blood levels, meters, and doctors?
    I went to the doc the other day and he had me fast before the visit to check my blood levels. He called me up later and told me to cut back on my sugars because my sugar level was 105 after fasting and it should be under 100… 1 month later, I go back ( I did NOT watch my sugar intake…) and my level was 117, so, I decided to watch my sugar levels.. I got a meter from my father (ascensia Contour) and here is where I get confused. I have read a lot and understand to take your test before you eat or after 2 hours after you eat.. I started walking too. But why is my levels always different, even if I retest from the same blood 2 seconds after reading… Like one reading is 99 and then 92, and which one is correct? Also, is it normal to cut down on food, start walking 2 miles a day, and then before bed see a 61 reading? Is is supposed to drop that much? ok, so here is my readings.. usually under 100, unless I eat and it is 130 or so… and I have never woke up in the morning and gotten a 117 since monitoring my levels and meals.

    • ANSWER:
      Your levels will fluctuate even if testing at a slightly different if you test then do a second test a minute later you are using slightly different blood this will explain the variation there. No test is 100% accurate You can see quite dramatic results in blood levels just by watching your diet and exercising more. I am not in the US so use a different measure for my levels so I am not sure what a reading of 61 is (you do not say how long after eating that is) If your morning readings are under 100 then it might be that in your case diet and exercise is all you need to control the problem at the moment so good luck and keep up the walking

    Is this normal blood sugar?
    I am woundering if this is normal. I am a non-diabetic but I am at increased risk for diabetes because of family. I am 24, female. I urinate frequently. Since 8am I have used the bathroom 6 times, it is now 9:30pm. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a lot, but I only drink about 20 oz of water a day even though I’m constantly thirsty. I know I should be drinking more………anyways. I bought a meter and started keeping a record of everything I eat(so far been checking for 3 full days). I check my BS when I get up, right before I eat…..and hour after I eat and then 2 hours after I eat. My fasting levels are between 92 and 100. After I eat(depending on what I have ate) it goes between 72 and 180 an hour later. Then 2 hours after eating it goes between 60 and 150. The highest reading I have had so far was 378. It went that high an hour after eating ice cream. Then an hour later it dropped to 81. I am curious, because obviously it has gone that high before because I didn’t feel any different. I only feel bad when it drops below 100. I am always thisty and extremely fatigued. Sorry for so much info, just want to be clear. Is it normal for a non-diabetics sugar to run so high?

    • ANSWER:
      Your blood sugar levels are going to fluctuate depending upon what you eat. Your body’s ability to deal with the blood sugar will depend on several things. If you listen to the medical people, they will tell you that blood sugar readings are the important thing and you need to control it. The problem is that diabetes runs in families because most people eat the same foods, not because of genetics like a lot of so called “scientists” tell you. 25% of ALL Americans are OBESE and 1 in 10 are pre-diabetic or have diabetes if you count the people that do not know they have it now. That is not genetic my friend! ! !

      Understanding fat is a primary key to regulating your blood sugar and then limiting the carbs you eat is the second thing. The fat tissue is what generates a hormone called Leptin that tells the body how to utilize insulin and glucagon. If you are eating enough good fats, the body believes it is not starving and lets the metabolism stay high. If you are eating LOW fat foods, your body thinks you are starving and it slows your metabolism down, creating the need for lots of exercise and will power to keep your weight down. A very dumb way to control weight, but the food industry promotes this heavily for obvious profit reasons. Fruits and vegetables are carbs, just like pasta and breads. If you want to stabilize your blood sugar, you can eat 6 meals a day for about 2 weeks, eating more carbs than you normally should. Once your blood sugar is stabilized, you can eat a diet high in fats, low in carbs, and moderate proteins. This will keep your blood sugar stable and allow your endocrine system to smooth out.

      There are many reasons for frequent urination and diabetes is only one of them. Digestion is the key to getting good nutrients into your body. Adequate supply of hydrochloric acid is a major factor. If you eat lots of carbs, that does not create good HCL production. The amount of water you need each day is as follows:

      The average person needs water at the following rate:

      Take your total body weight and divide by 2. That number is the amount of water in ounces that you need to drink each and everyday. Along with that, you should consume 1/4 teaspoon of “air dried sea salt” in conjunction with each quart of water you drink. This puts the electrolytes in your body that will give you proper hydration. The typical white table salt you buy in stores like the Morton Salt, for instance, is terrible for you and has loads of chemicals added. Avoid that junk. If you drink ANY diuretic drinks like, sodas, coffee, tea, alcohol, commercially prepared fruit drinks, energy drinks, etc., these all dehydrate you and you will need to add more water to the total to compensate for the water loss due to these diuretic drinks. Take the total ounces of the diuretic drinks and multiply by 1.5 and add that total to the original total to come up with the proper amount of water you need to drink each day.

      By the way, there is no reason a person should suffer from diabetes type 2. You can cure that in about 30 days. You will not hear this from medical people that make their living off selling drugs and telling you that once you have diabetes, you cannot be cured. That is ridiculous.

      Here is a MEDICAL DOCTOR that is also a natural doctor that has made a video of several people getting over diabetes in 30 days. Off all medications in 1 week. Watch the video and you decide:

      Here are some simple things you can do and if you follow these recommendations, your likelihood of successfully going off of drugs and having normal blood sugars is close to 100%, as treating type 2 diabetes is simply a matter of implementing some basic strategies to improve your insulin and leptin resistance:

      1. Exercise
      2. Eliminate Grains and Sugars
      3. Balance your protein, carb and fat ratios for your unique and specific genetic biochemistry.
      4. Monitor Your Fasting Insulin Level
      5. Optimize Your Vitamin D Level – optimizing your vitamin D levels can not only help improve type 2 diabetes if you have it, but can likely eliminate the risk of type 1 diabetes in your children if you are pregnant.

      EDIT: Just because the BIG MONEY pharma has not announced a DIABETES cure doesn’t mean there isn’t one. The number of people being “CURED” is rising and you will hear more about it. The same problem happened with TRANS FATS. It too Mary Enig, Ph.D. 15 years to convince Congress to make some changes.

      Watch the film I suggested and see with your own eyes the people that were CURED of diabetes. Don’t just take my word for it. Call up Dr. Cousins and ask him yourself. The poster: “Bux – Type 2 Diabetic (NIDDM)” and “Angela” are simply WRONG and being a diabetic suffering for years I’m sure they don’t want to admit there is a cure that is so simple. Watch the film, do your homework. It works.

      EDIT: Angela, I’m surprised at you. Getting emotional because you have suffered needlessly for 20 years is not a reason to say things that are not true. CNT is a Certified Nutritional Therapist, not some nurse thing. lol. What degrees do you have? Have you looked at the MEDICAL DOCTOR (M.D.) that CURED diabetes type 2 video I mentioned? You need too. You see, you don’t have to have a degree to watch that video and see how diabetes was CURED.

      Good luck to you

    Is Low Blood pressure of 45/120 very serious with very low cholestrol levels. HDL is 22. LDL 92.?
    My mother’s (75 years) recent test results were as under:
    Blood Sugar 163 (Fasting)
    Blood Pressure – 45/120.
    HDL – 22.
    LDL 90.
    Triglycerides – 63.
    Creatinine – 1.1 (ref 0.5 to 1.4).

    Her visit to doctor is on way. But I wanted to know – how serious is her condition.

    • ANSWER:
      This is very serious, blood pressure that low is not good. I am amazed they didn’t keep her in the hospital. Yes. make sure she is drinking fluids, orange juice is a good start. This woman needs to start eating.

    Why would my blood sugar be up?
    I had a physical today and got some of my blood work results. It said my fasting glucose was 115. This bothers me because 3 years ago it was normal like 92 and that one was random. I’ve always for the pass few years had normal glucose levels. What’s even strange about this is that I’ve been working out a lot (3-5 days for 1 hour) and have lost over 10lbs since three years ago. Not only that I changed my diet by lowering my carbs and eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and lean meat.

    How could changing my diet for the better and losing weight increase my blood sugar? I still have other test results waiting because I have hypertension so my doctor ordered a lot of tests to see why my blood pressure is high.
    Thats possible. My body just hasn’t had enough time to adjust. I might ask to have the test again to see if it goes down. That would suck if I live a healthful life and I still get sick.

    • ANSWER:
      you could of change your habbits to fast and by doing that even though you are changing to a healthier way of living your doing it to fast so it sends your body through a shock

    What is this? Temporary Diabetes?
    My Doctor asked me to check my Blood Sugar. First time readings were fasting 128 and PP 194. My doctor had not prescribed any medicine to control my sugar level.But, my blood pressure was high that time so doctor prescribed me for blood pressure but not for my sugar. Doctor asked me to go on diet and exercise. After ten days, again I went for sugar test now this time readings are fasting 92 and PP 118 (Blood pressure is also at normal range). Now my doctor said that you ,might be having temporary diabetes(sugar level rise – Stress Induced), but we cant say anything at this moment and need to monitor sugar level for some time then only we can conclude.

    Anybody please help, is it temporary???

    I am 32 years old.I have history.

    • ANSWER:
      iatrogenic and therefore ideopathic.!

    About prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction & I am a diabetic also?
    My prostat is about 34 grams. I am taking one Tamsulocin tab. daily. PSA is 1.4. I am a diabetic. I take two tablets of Metformin one each afte lumch & dinner since last four months. before taking medicine my blood sugar level was Fasting = 138 PP =263 I got it checked up few days back again. Fasting was 96 & PP 123. I have been advised to continue with the same medicines)
    On 25th Feb I had my following medical check up in empty stomach
    Age=== 59 yrs
    Height = 171 cm
    weight = 77 kg
    B M I = 25.5
    A/C/I/O Gland — nil
    Pulse == 84
    BP = 120/84
    CHEST , LUNGS, HEART == Clear
    ENT == NAD but full of Wax
    Dental == Requires scaling
    skin examination == small 2 mm dia whilte spot on left legs
    Bone mineral density == – 1.9 ( Osteoperic)
    Eye examination
    DV > 6/6 6/6
    NV +2.5 D
    DV == PLANO
    Heart rate=75 bpm
    Leads P(uV) Q(uV) R(uV) S(uV) T(uV)
    L1 74 0 519 -21 201
    L2 169 0 212 -84 222
    L3 95 -307 42 -10 63
    aVr -95 10 74 0 -201
    aV1 -21 0 477 -31 127
    aVf 127 -53 21 0 137
    V1 -84 0 21 -583 -95
    V2 31 -1017 -116 -116 360
    V3 74 – 10 106 – 1462 455
    V4 84 -10 530 -901 455
    V5 84 0 816 -392 254
    V6 84 0 572 -95 201

    Interval(ms) — PR = 160 QRS == 92
    QT = 312 QTc == 358
    ST = 80
    Axis (deg) P = 61 QRS = 3 T = 36
    Blood Test—-
    Hb = 14.0
    sugar Fasting = 96 ( earlier 3 months back it was 138)
    sugar PP= 123 ( earlier it was 263)
    Urea= 28
    serum creatinine= 0.9
    Uric Acid = 6.0
    HbA1C = 7.9 ( 3 months back it was 9.1)
    S G O T(A S T) = 22
    SGPT(A L T)= 26
    Tryglyceride = 190
    Cholesterol = 204
    H D L =42
    L D L = 124
    V L D L = 38
    taking folowong medicines — 1) Metformine hydrochloride 500mg daily twice one each after meal
    2) Tamsulocine hydrochloride = 0.4 mg modified release capsules one
    cap daily after breakfast
    Can i take testosteron ?— Brand name = PROSTONIL
    How are above Resuls?
    Any more test required?
    Does enlargement of prostat has any relation with erectile dysfunction?

    • ANSWER:
      Your Investigation are more or less normal (ECG I can’t inerpret without its strip). BMI 25 means you are not abese. Your sugar is high but decreasing HbA1C means you brining it to normaly. PSA is normal, Lipid profile is suggestive of sedentry lifestyle. why you are taking tamsulocin? What all urinary symptoms you have? 34 grms is not a very big size.
      Your erectile dysfunction could be due to Diabetes (if you have a long history of DM), or due to prostate anlargement, or just psychogenic, it is just not possibe to make diagnosis only by investigations, without proper history and examination (tamsolcin usually is not a caus eof ED). Yeah one more thing: dont go for prostate surgery for erectile dysfunction, it only improves urinary symptoms.
      Testosterone injections are only prescribed when its value is low (you require Serum testosteone/ FSH and LH value)
      Best wishes
      Dr Tewari

    is b12 what fucked up my life?

    I have not been to the doctor for like 10 years since my family don’t really have the money.. Anyways I went to the doctor on December 28, Monday cause I thought me being 275lbs and not getting much working out I had diabetes so I went to get checked and well, I was fasting from 12am to 9:30am and my blood sugar was 92 and I had blood work done on my vitamin levels and my b12 was really low (I’m not gonna take the shots, cause I refuse to) and same for my Vitamin D but I only gotta take a pill once a week till it’s back to normal and then I have under active thyroids so doctor game me synthroid 25mcg or what ever you call it.

    But anyways, I just went to the Doctor like few weeks ago and got blood work done test results came back said I underactive thyroid, low b12 and low vitamin d

    And well, I’ve never really had a blood test done last I had was like when I was 4 because I drink something and made me sick so mom rushed to doctor office to get blood work.

    Now when I started school when I was like 5/7 I got sick like twice monthly missing school and so on and my mom/dad had a test done on me to see if I was alergic to anything came back it was dustmites..

    But I’m wondering did the low b12 ruin my life? they didn’t do blood work I checked so they don’t know if I had low b12 for life or what.

    I read online that b12 fucks up the immue system is this right?, if so does this mean I gotta take injections for rest of my life?

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re low on B12 it could be due to a malabsorption of the vitamin resulting in pernicious anemia, and yes, it can seriously **** up your life. If your doc says you need B12 injections, do it. If you DO have PA and you don’t treat it it can result in permanent nerve damage.

    Gestational diabetes, levels always normal?
    I have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I Failed 1 hr with 171 and 3 hr with my 2 hr and 3hr blood draw slightly higher. Now my question is for the past 3 weeks I have not had a blood level over 120 even if I ate 2 slices of pizza and an 8oz regular pepsi at a birthday party. Or another time I had 2 tacos supreme from taco bell or coco-puffs for breakfast. I have fallowed the diet that they gave me and then wanted to see what that bad stuff does to my sugar as a motivation at stay away from it. So please don’t lecture me. But even with that bad stuff my sugars are never above 120 and my fasting is never above 90. O wait once it was 92. How can I have gestational diabetes if my levels are always fine even with bad food?
    OOPS…. I ment 3 days not 3weeks. Today would make my 4th day and I have not had any bad stuff at all. I just wanted to see what they did to my levels. I will continue my diet but am just wondering why I am haveing normal levels with bad food if I really am a gestational diabetic
    It has never been over 120 2hrs after a meal which is what MY DOCTORS said is the normal level for 2 hrs. after a meal. 120 is not too high.

    • ANSWER:
      I had this same argument with my doctors here in Denmark. When I failed the test (they only give one test here), it was 0.01 mmol/L over the limit.

      I went through blood tests 3X a day for 3 weeks, including a complete food diary to show them that I really didn’t have a problem with my sugar levels no matter what I ate.

      They agreed I didn’t need to continue with the blood monitoring, but they left me classified as gestational diabetic.

    Am I diabetic or prediabetic?
    I’m going crazy with the blood glucose monitor today. I have anxiety issues BUT, diabetes runs heavily in my family so I have reason for concern.

    I did not do a fasting blood sugar today because I didn’t think to check my blood sugar until after food.

    Here’s how it went (yes I ate HORRIBLY today, this isn’t my normal food pattern. I eat pretty healthy and keep a food journal to count calories, carbs, fiber, protein, vitamins, etc. daily, but I ate junky today to see the results on my blood sugar).

    20 minutes after drinking 8 oz of orange juice in the morning (no food consumed prior to that), I was up at 124.

    1 hour later, with no food or beverage, I was still 123.

    3 hours with no food or beverage I did two tests, first said 92, second said 87.

    about 30 minutes after eating Cheeze-its, first test said 139, then second said 129 (that’s a pretty big gap for taking tests within 5 minutes of each other). I’ve never ever seen my blood sugar up at 139. When in my early to mid 20′s I’d check my blood sugar occasionally when at my mom’s house and the highest I ever saw it was 112. That being said, I only tested once a day every couple of months. (I’m in my late 20′s now)

    About 1 hour after eating the crackers I ate dinner. I waited two hours after dinner (okay 1 hour and 50 minutes, I couldn’t wait lol). My blood sugar read 117. Then I checked again and it said 105. So I checked a third time 5 minutes later and it was smack in the middle at 105.
    Maybe I didn’t eat enough of a portion so if I ate more my blood sugar would be insane. Then again that could be me being neurotic.

    So all in all, my levels consecutively today were 124, 123, 92, 87, 139, 129, 117, 105, 111.

    Is this a normal range of fluctuation? Even though I ate junky food, I did not eat much today at all, so I’m thinking that if I ate more throughout the day, my blood sugar would be drastically higher than these results? Is that true? I mean, I wouldn’t think that some Cheeze-Its would jack my blood sugar up to between 129 and 139!!!!

    I am a HIGH stress person (in case you can’t tell) and I’m constantly warned that stress is just as bad as nutrition when raising blood sugar, so that only stresses me out more. lol.

    • ANSWER:
      My wife is diabetic. 1 shot in the morning one before bed and a quick shot before each meal.
      I know a little and the tests that you have listed actually look perfectly normal.
      I think you are stressing over nothing.
      And yes Cheeze-its will raise it that much.
      After any meal, diabetic or not, your sugar jumps up.
      That’s why people that do have to keep tabs on their sugar never check there blood within 2 hours of eating. It will always show inflated.

    Would I be put on insulin for this?
    I have gestational diabetes, and have been measuring my blood sugar & been on a diet for a week now. My levels weren’t that bad for the three hour glucose test, in fact, some doctors wouldn’t even have diagnosed me, they would have said I was borderline .. but the guidelines were different at my doctor’s .. anyway .. I’ve been wondering .. I had three times where my levels weren’t what they wanted them to be .. for fasting they want under 90 .. well on the 14th my fasting was 92 .. an hour after meals they want under 130 and on the 15th after dinner mine was 130 exactly, and on the 18th it was 133 after breakfast. I know it was because of what I ate, I’m still in my “testing” phase to see what I can or cannot eat .. but would they put me on insulin for this? I mean .. all my other levels are great .. between 60-110 or so .. so they wouldn’t put me on meds would they? Thanks!
    * My doctor’s office said it is rare (for her patients, at least) to be put on insulin as most manage it with diet .. which I seem to be doing ..

    • ANSWER:
      Your numbers look good. Wait for the testing to be over. Your sugar level is going to change depending what you eat. Carbs turn to sugar. I have type 2 and at times I eat what I know will spike my sugar level. Take both pills and insulin. If your young do what you need to do to live a healthy and long life me I’m 64 have congestive heart failure, diabetes, etc. I may have ten years left but I’m at peace with it. Once you get into the routine it becomes automatic.. I don’t think you are ready for meds just keep a eye on your sugar levels and eat right. Good luck.

    Can i ask my Dr. to induce me early?
    I am currently starting my 35 weeks pregnant:

    During my Glucose test, i was tested twice, because according to them one of the blood tubes came out with high sugar levels, and the rest came back negative, and the same answer to the second glucose test. So they told me that i didn’t had diabetes.

    A few weeks later they told me that i was in risk of developing Hypertension, but they didn’t really explained nothing to me, they just said it was a 50/50.

    Currently, i had another blood test done and they told me that i had Anemia. So they prescribe me some medications.

    ***After my 20weeks of pregnancy, i started measuring almost 8weeks ahead, until now, i only measure 4weeks ahead, So now they are sending me to the hospital ever week to get checked.
    **On my ultrasounds, they show that the baby is in the large section, and my amniotic is according my my weeks but on the high section as well.
    *When i went to the hospital i was confused about what was going on, and they asked me if i knew why was i there, so i told them no. They just told me that pregnant women who go there is because they are considered to be at high risk. :-

    I get a pounding on my head, and sometimes i see a dark spot on my right eye, and i believe is due to HBP(high blood pressure),i told my Dr. about my symptoms but they told me that is normal, during pregnancy.

    At this point, i am about done with my pregnancy, not only because i want to have my little girl with me, but also because i get tired very fast. I cant even walk for 7minutes without running out of breath, and having my hearth raise really high. So i cant really walk on my own to induce my own labor, and i have only dilated about a 1cm. So what can i do?

    My questions are:
    If i am at high risk would the Dr.s be able to induce me earlier than my due date?
    If i have diabetes, anemia, and hypertension, wouldn’t it be better if i get induced early?
    If any of the following are yes, can my Dr. do it, or do i have to go to a better provider that can help me?
    I don’t want this pregnancy to end up in a C- section.

    • ANSWER:
      If you’re considered a high risk pregnancy, they may induce you earlier, but they tend to try and make you go full term. You don’t sound like you are high risk, just unfortunately experiencing the bad parts of pregnancy.
      Aneamia is not affecting your baby, but you, so going on iron tablets should pretty much solve that problem.
      You’re slightly raised blood pressure and the spots on your eyes are normal and in fact the spots aren’t necessarily caused by bp, but by hormones (I had the same thing).
      I’m sorry to tell you that you could ask to be induced, but it’s very unlikely they will. Maybe at 38 weeks they’ll do a membrane sweep or something, but I doubt they’ll do any more. Just hang in there, it’s only a little while longer, and you’ll have bubs in your arms.
      God bless

    Question as to blood sugar levels?
    I had a physical recently and my doctor told me that my blood sugar was 101 so I should keep an eye on it. I’ve been very good about what I eat for 1 month now and yesterday administered my own blood sugar test using the OneTouch Ultra 2 in what would be considered a “Random” testing and received a 92. I thought, “Great, what I’m doing is working.” The problem is that this morning after not eating for about 12 hours I did a “Fasting Blood Glucose” test and the result was 105, a retest showed it at 99. Is there any reason that the fasting test (12 hours no food) would be higher than the random test (4 hours no food)? Does the OneTouch just suck?

    Any help would be appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      What Are Normal Blood Glucose And Blood Sugar Levels

      There are various methods to determine blood glucose level. Some tests give you accurate diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes, while others will tell you how well you are managing your diabetes.

      Fasting Blood Sugar Test:
      Measures the blood sugar level after 8 hours fast or overnight. Normal fasting blood glucose level is less than 100mg/dl. If your fasting blood glucose level is from 100mg/dl to 125mg/dl then you will have impaired blood glucose level also known as Pre-Diabetes. If your blood glucose level is above 125mg/dl then your doctor will diagnose as a patient of diabetes. To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor may repeat the fasting blood glucose test on any other day. If you have blood glucose level of 126mg/dl or higher in two consecutive tests, then you may have diabetes. If you have blood glucose level greater than 200mg/dl and you have symptoms of diabetes like increased thirst or hunger, frequent urination, weight loss, blurred vision etc, then you may be diagnosed with diabetes mellitus without confirming it with second test.

      Random Blood Glucose Test:
      Random blood Glucose test gives your blood sugar at any time in a day. Normal random blood sugar level should be less than 200mg/dl. If your random blood glucose level is between 140mg/dl to 200mg/dl then you will have pre-diabetes.

      Oral glucose tolerance test
      This test measures your response to sugar. First we measure fasting blood glucose level, and then glucose solution is given, after that we measure blood glucose after 1 hour and 2hours. A normal blood glucose level after an oral glucose tolerance test is less than 140 mg/dL. Level between 140 mg/dL to 199 mg/dL suggests pre-diabetes. A blood glucose level of 200 mg/dL or higher two hours after you drink the glucose solution may suggest that you have diabetes mellitus.

      Glycated hemoglobin (A1C) test
      This test is not for diagnosing diabetes, but it shows you how well you have controlled your sugar in last 2 or 3 months. Normal value is less than 7%, however if it is more than 7 then you and your doctor should think of changing your treatment of diabetes.

      Always Remember, your blood glucose measurement alone is not enough to differentiate between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Your doctor may do some other tests to find out which type of diabetes you have.
      Try again after 8 hours and see the results. Also you say you have been good about eating, does that mean that you have been on a low Glycemic diet? This is the one you should be on for life . The best on the web has 2,480 food listed . The ones with a low load are the Ideal ones. Heres the site:
      I am leaning that you may be pre-diabetic. But with this diet , and it is not a restricting diet, you will stave off diabetes for a long time or maybe forever. Combines with weight loss and you will be in the clear!

    Are these blood sugar levels alright? (Gestational diabetes)?

    Do these levels seem alright? I thought they were a little low .. my doctor said that 2 out of 4 levels were high for my 3 hour GTT and that they weren’t even that “bad” .. but regardless I’ve been diagnosed with GD and I’ve been following the diet fine .. and I only started the diet yesterday .. but do these seem normal? The doctor wants me to stay under 90 for fasting and under 130 an hour after meals. (NOT two hours, one hour!)

    Day 1

    Day 2
    F-92 (2 over my ideal .. not that bad I don’t think!)

    Just worried .. thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      nope, those numbers are good. My testing was also 1 hour after meals. My numbers got really high even with the diet, my highest was 180. I was put on glyburide and my levels still never did go under 110. I don’t have regular diabetes now or anything, guess it was just how my body reacted to the GD. I know an AWESOME website that helped me with the diet a little –

      it wasn’t exactly what my dietitian suggested, but it still helped a lot.