Fasting Blood Sugar Level 118

In recent times, quacks would like us to believe that hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can happen in non-diabetic individuals. While this is possible in people with certain tumors and in those who take alcohol with tiny food, the majority of people who seem to be suffering from hypoglycemia are actually reacting to anxiety and stress.

In some cases, panic attacks may resemble hypoglycemia.

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This notion was later echoed by Carlton Fredericks, a food faddist who claimed that 20,000,000 north Americans were afflicted by hypoglycemia ; and Dr. Robert Atkins, the well-liked writer of a questionable diet book.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Tested my blood sugar. Results Fasting – 118 and after meal -144. HBA1C – 7.1. What does it mean?
    Have joined GYM for exercise. Doing it for 60 mins. Stopped Rice and Sugar intake. Will i be able to bring down HBAIC and sugar levels to normal?

    • ANSWER:
      U r on border line. This is the right time to prevent diabetes.
      Ur intake of calories should be lesser than Ur output in the form of spending energy.
      It is good idea to minimize rice and sweets. U must keep Ur tensions under check.Tension is one of the culprits to shoot up blood sugar levels steeply.
      To combat hunger and ensure continuous supply of energy, u may have roti without oil or phulka. 1 kg., wheat, 250 gms. each of jowar, soya beans, bajra [telugu-sajjalu],ragi [telugu ragulu used in Rayalaseema of Andhra Pradesh] and clean it and send to mill and use it direct. No sieve/filter to be used. This type of phulka, when taken in ur diet and water intake shall bulge the roti and digestion of food is slow but steady. so that u can get energy supplies throughout the day. No excessive collection of blood sugar and U can keep ur sugar levels under check. Salads, raw dhania/coriander leaves juice also regulate ur blood sugar levels.

      Severe pain in calf muscles [below the knee jonts], extreme thirst, extreme hunger, realing sensation,excessive urination, unhealed wounds/injuries, sore gums, blurred visionetc.,. Tensions have cumulative effect on symptoms.
      cut raw vegetables + lime juice or curds without butter, will be fine.
      u can include :
      How to activate Pancreas :
      (A) Give acupressure treatment-pressing intermit┬Čtently not only on point no. 25 of the Pancreas but also on the points of all the endocrine glands.
      (B) Drink 2 glasses of gold/silver/copper/ iron charged water reduced from 4 glasses of water everyday.
      How to reduce excess heat and reactivate proper production of insulin :
      (A) As the first thing in the morning, drink ^ cup (2 ounces) of fresh juice of green coriander leaves. Avoid any food/drink for the next 15/20 minutes.
      (A)OR in case green coriander leaves are not available take 2 lady’s fingers (tffst) cut them in half-soak then in half a cup of water. Keep it overnight, squeeze them in the morning-strain this water. The sticky water covers the inside wall of the stomach and prevents sugar being sucked from the stomach. And thus helps in curing Diabetes.

      (C) During the day, drink 2 to 3 cups of green juice adding in each cup 1 teaspoon of mixture of 300 grams of Amla powder (a fruit grown in India having 16 times more vitamin ‘C’ than 16 lemons) +100 grams of dry ginger powder.
      The net effect of all these treatments will be that just within 10/12 days, Diabetes will be arrested. Now go on reducing the intake of tablets, pills of insulin injections in such a way as to stop all the other medication within 10 days.
      Continue the treatment for 35 to 40 days and Diabetes will be cured permanently unless contracted again by reckless diet and improper life style.

    fasting blood glucose level 111 at the lab, but less with home meter?
    Hi, I have a teenage son who is 15 years old. Overall in great health. Recently his doctor ordered some blood test for him as a routine phyical. His fasting sugar level was 106. I know it suppose to be less than 100. So, I bought a One Touch Ultra 2 and started testing him at home. When I use the One touch Ultra 2, his sugar level is always less than 100. (87-97) fasting. Someting after a meal it went up to 118. But nothing higher than that.

    A couple of days ago, his doctor asked us to repeat his fasting test again at the lab, and this time is 111. I wonder what’s going on. Can I just not trust these home test meters?

    Also, what can we do to help him reduce his blood sugar level? He doesn’t eat alot the sweat stuff and he exercise regularly.

    Thanks for any comment and suggestions.
    He is not diabetic as far as we know now.

    • ANSWER:
      The lab values will always be different than the at home tests by as much as 30% .

      Please take your son to an endocrinologist for a check up. This is not something your GP can take care of.

      His numbers seem perfect .He will need to do an A1c test to see if he even has diabetes.

      Diabetes is not only a disease of fat lazy people. many of us are thin and eat well.Kids do get diabetes very often.

      I wish you the best.

    Do alcoholic food increases blood sugar abnormally? Can inhouse cycling / walking reduce blood sugar leve?
    Can inhouse cycling exercise replace walking to reduce blood sugar level as the sugar level in blood is silghtly out side the normal range. 118 fasting and 158 random

    • ANSWER:

    Confused about blood sugar levels?
    I took my 11 yr old stepson to the doctor and they did a finger prick and tested his sugar on a glucose meter. It was 118…now we have to go back and do a fasting sugar test. The doctor said 118 was high, but I can’t find anything online to confirm that. I do not have any personal experience in this area. His sugar was taken about 2 hours after he ate a turkey sandwich w/ miracle whip, mustard, and cheese; a granny smith apple, and one honey graham cracker; with water to drink.

    I took him to the doctor b/c he wet the bed Tuesday night and I thought UTI; however, he has also lost about 10 pounds since January.
    EDIT: They are just doing a fasting finger prick test.
    TEST RESULTS: his fasting blood sugar level, just a finger prick, was 89. This is okay, right? The doctor wasn’t there to tell me and the nurse seemed frustrated that she had to perform the test.

    • ANSWER:
      I just want to clear up a diabetes myth…

      Some people are saying “below 140 after two hours is normal.” No, it’s not. That number–140 mg/dL–is based on the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. The patient is given 75-100 grams of sugar to drink and then tested every hour to monitor blood glucose. Any number below 140 two hours after consuming 100 grams of sugar IS normal; a number close to 140 two hours after consuming a normal meal IS NOT normal. Non-diabetics peak 45 minutes to one hour after eating at 125 mg/dL or so–even after a heavy-carbohydrate meal–and usually return to pre-meal levels by two hours. Depending on what was eaten, it might take three hours. Your son had a lot of carbohydrates, but he didn’t have anything close to 100 grams of sugar. His reading, while not dangerously high or all that unusual, was on the high side of normal. I think it’s right to order a test just to make sure.

    Blood sugar test……I have a question?
    My wife went in for a fasting sugar test….it was 128. The she went in and they told her to eat breakfast and come back in two hours and her sugal level was 118, how can this be? Her fasting number is higher than her numbers after she ate. Thanks everyone. Gary

    • ANSWER:
      The reason that doctors perform these fasting blood sugar tests and then ask you to come back after you eat is because they want to know how your body reacts to food. They want to know if the pancreas is going to produce enough insulin to compensate for the meal.

      I think it’s fantastic that her blood sugar was lower.

      ***Everytime my doctor has me in for an A1C I have to fast.

    What is this? Temporary Diabetes?
    My Doctor asked me to check my Blood Sugar. First time readings were fasting 128 and PP 194. My doctor had not prescribed any medicine to control my sugar level.But, my blood pressure was high that time so doctor prescribed me for blood pressure but not for my sugar. Doctor asked me to go on diet and exercise. After ten days, again I went for sugar test now this time readings are fasting 92 and PP 118 (Blood pressure is also at normal range). Now my doctor said that you ,might be having temporary diabetes(sugar level rise – Stress Induced), but we cant say anything at this moment and need to monitor sugar level for some time then only we can conclude.

    Anybody please help, is it temporary???

    I am 32 years old.I have history.

    • ANSWER:
      iatrogenic and therefore ideopathic.!

    Am I correct in avoiding medicines?
    During June 2008, i’ve been traced for high blood sugar (fasting 184, random 231). Instead of taking medicines, i started walking & controlled my diet (98% avoided sugar/sweet food/items causing for sugar). At the first week of Dec. 2008, my blood sugar levels controlled & fasting is 88 and random is 118/120 (Please note that i never take any medicines during this period). During winter i’m unable to continue my walk due to weather, and at the end of Feb. 2009 to till date, my blood sugar level increased (which is around fasting at 140, random at 170). Still i’m not taking any medicines, instead continuing walking(daily 5 KMs. atlleast 6 days per week) & diet.

    Can anybody tell me that avoiding medicines is right at this stage and
    1. Can I recover my RBS & FBS levels to normal?
    2. is it good for my health?
    3. The present level sugar cause any harm to my organs/body?
    4. Shall I take medicines till the sugar level comes to normal. After that I stop the medicines and using diet & walking (i think), I can control sugar?

    I’m consfused. Kindly help me.

    • ANSWER:
      this is really something you should discuss with your doctor,who has examined you and run appropriate lab tests. No one here is qualified to give you medical advice.

    Quick question about diabetes…?
    So diabetes runs in my family, and since I have been experiencing some of the symptoms lately, I’ve decided to start checking my blood sugar. This morning I woke up, and tried checking my fasting level. (hadn’t eaten since 8 the previous night) I got back 118.
    My question is if that’s normal.
    Also, I read that it’s pretty high, or hyperglycemia. But I am a 15 yr old girl, very healthy and active, and not overweight at all. I thought only type 2 had a lot of trouble with high blood sugar levels, or am I wrong. Can someone give me some insight into this?


    • ANSWER:
      115 is absolutely normal for a reading waking up in the morning. Your liver will produce more sugar at night while you are sleeping (a major reason NOT to eat two hours before bed), and that can push a normal person even into the 120′s. It’s what your readings are right before meals during the day that should tell you the most. That tells you if you are processing what you’re taking in.

      I was getting into the 600′s before I got my sugars under control. You are nowhere near that yet. It’s good to see you show good healthy concern about this, but don’t overreact to a 115. Just keep eating healthy and staying active. :)

    Diabetic or Not??
    Wow..All this good information. I’m learning a lot an now I tracked my blood sugar level for 24 hours and still am curious if I’m diabetic or is it Dawn Phenomenon or is there a difference and what can I do to control:
    6/21 7:18am 126 (Fasting) 1021: 150 (1/2h after breakfast 11:40 am 115. 10:06PM 133 (2.5h after dinner) 11:07pm 119(after alc drk) 11:32pm 107.
    6/22 3:35am 118 4:47am 121. 7:56am 131 (no food since 7:30pm last night). 8:28am 154 (15 min after brkfst total cerials skm milk and blk berries). 9:15am 232. 10:10am 170 10:15 163 (5 min diff jst curious). 10:45 123. 11:10am 93. 12.06am 80. 1:35pm 186 (1h after lunch) and I believe it will down to <100 4 after lunch. Thanks to all you who provide some info based on above data.

    • ANSWER:
      Your blood sugar does seem to be high. You should go to your family doctor and let him know about these readings. He can do a complete blood work up on you to see if your sugar is indicative of diabetes. Also, he can run an A1C to determine what your blood sugar has been doing for several weeks. It will give he or she a better idea of the levels your blood sugar is at.

    Blood Sugar question?
    My doctor told me that I could be pre-diabetic. He gave me a monitor and sent me home. He did not tell me what my levels were suppose to be. Through my research I have found that 140 after meals is a good number and that a fasting is between 70 and 100. Well since I have had my monitor, the only time that I have ever gone over 100 is after my biggest meal of the day. And that has only been twice. Those numbers were 118 and 120. The 118 was after eating a subway 6 inch. Can anyone tell me if these are normal levels? All of my other number are from 79 and 99. That is with after eating and fasting numbers. Please if anyone can give me some answers I would be truly grateful.
    My A1c test was 6% right after halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and New years. I do not think that is to bad.

    • ANSWER:
      You are correct.. those figures are quite normal. What you really need is an Hba1c test. That will tell you your average. That is way more telling unless you have obvious highs. But looks like to me you are ok.

    Ia diabetes desiege is so serious?
    Fasting blood sugar is 118. 2 hours after break fast reading is 274. Random level ( 5pm ) is 98. All these reading are sameday. what to be done? please advise.

    • ANSWER:
      your 5 pm is almost ok but others are pointing to diabetes.Your first course of what to do : I start walking at least 30 min. a day. Next is do a low Glycemic diet , Heres the best web site for this on the web:

      Now I will give you the real numbers;
      Normal Fasting Blood Sugar
      A normal fasting blood sugar (which is also the blood sugar a normal person will see right before a meal) is:

      83 mg/dl (4.6 mmol/L) or less.

      Many normal people have fasting blood sugars in the mid and high 70 mg/dl (3.9 mmol/L) range.

      Though most doctors will tell you any fasting blood sugar under 100 mg/dl (5.6 mmol/L) is “normal”, there are several studies that suggest that testing with a fasting blood sugar in the mid 90 mg/dl (5 mmol/L) range often predicts diabetes that is diagnosed a decade later.
      Post-Meal Blood Sugar (Postprandial)
      Independent of what they eat, the blood sugar of a truly normal person is:

      Under 120 mg/dl (6.6 mmol/L) one or two hours after a meal.

      Most normal people are under 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/L) two hours after eating.

      In a couple of weeks you are not normal , you may have to start taking metformin. Insist that you will not take ACTOS or Avandia. They are killer drugs.Remember the FDA is in bed with the drug companies. So they won’t take them off the market.

      I really think you have joined the club.

      Take care

    What health problems is he at risk for?
    Mr. Jones is a 51-year-old African American male. His waist circumference is 42 inches. His cholesterol is 210, LDL 190, and his fasting blood sugar recently was 118. He does not exercise regularly and he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy. His height is 6″1″ and weight is 288 lb. His blood pressure is 140/90.

    His BMI is 38, making him obese, but I’m not sure of all the diseases he’s at risk for. Heart disease is obvious, and heart attacks and stuff but other wise I’m stuck. Help? Also can you tell me what his cholesterol, LDL and blood pressure levels mean for his health?

    • ANSWER:
      He’s at risk for heart disease and diabetes. He already has high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

      Also, being obese brings on shortness of breath, back pain, knee pain, etc.

    what do my oral glucose test results mean?
    i took an oral glucose test with my doctor in which they checked my blood sugar after fasting and before the glucose was ingested then checked my blood sugar again every 30 min or so for about 2 hours. before the drink my sugar level was 48, after it was 120 then 118 then 102. is this a good result? what are they monitering?
    i originaly saw the doctor for a constant uneasy shakiness. i was tired and had frequent head aches. they took blood for thyroid which was clean but soon after i had a seizer with prior fainting that i didnt mention till the most recent and severe. so they decided to check for diabetes as well as an eeg and a ct scan for inner ear the ct was cause i had failed a balence test or something but this is all i know.

    • ANSWER:

    I have a few questions about diabetes? I’m kind of scared?
    First, I’m 15 and I had a fasting blood test and my fasting glucose level was 109. My doctor decided to have me fast every night for 10 nights for 8-9 hours. She said she wanted numbers under 99. Well, I haven’t had any that were under 99. The lowest I’ve had is 101 and the highest is 118. I have 2 more days left. After 10 days, I’m supposed to bring my numbers to the doctors office so we can decide if more tests need to be done. What kind of tests will they do?

    I’ve had one random test and that was 2 days ago. I wasn’t feeling well and my mom told me to take my blood sugar. It was 156. What does that number mean?

    When my great grandma was in her late 20s-early 30s she had a stroke. Something that happened during the stroke caused her to have type 1 diabetes. Even thought she got it like that, could that affect me? Also, I believe, but I’m not sure, my dad had type 1. But I know for sure he had diabetes.

    I weigh 113 pounds, I’m very active, and I eat a healthy diet. How could I have type 2 diabetes?

    How do you feel when your blood sugar is high? How do you feel when it’s low?

    What if I do have diabetes?

    I’m sorry this is long. I’m just scared.

    • ANSWER:
      I know this seems scary but don’t worry diabetes is a very manageable disease that millions of people live with everyday. Based on the results from your fasting glucose levels thus far it sounds like you are in what is called “pre-diabetes.” A normal fasting blood glucose is < 100 mg/dL, pre-diabetes is 100-125 mg/dL and diabetes is > 126 mg/dL. Pre-diabetes does not mean that you have diabetes and it does not necessarily mean that you will get diabetes however it does mean you are at a higher risk. Type I diabetes does have a genetic component and it often occurs in childhood or in adolescence which is where you are at 15 years old. Patients with type I diabetes are typically thin and often present with weight loss despite eating a lot, frequent urination, and extreme thirst. These are all also signs of hyperglycemia, or high blood sugars. You may not be experiencing these symptoms now since your blood sugars are still relatively normal. Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugars, often lead to confusion, agitation, sweating, a racing heart, and loss of consciousness.

      I hope this was helpful to you. Your doctor will guide you through this and help you understand the disease and the correct treatments. Try looking at the website below to help with some more understanding.