Fasting Blood Sugar Level 104

Your blood sugar is regulated by your body but it cannot do the job without some help from you. The types of foods you eat play a big part in the level of your blood sugar. Some foods help to lower the levels. Others enter the bloodstream faster, thus raising sugar levels. The pancreas produces insulin and high-gylcemic foods make it have to work harder to produce the insulin your body needs.

Choose your meals based on the Glycemic Foods Index. Glycemic Index is a ranking of foods according to how fast the food can raise your blood sugar. Therefore, the lower the Glycemic index means a smaller rise in blood sugar and can help control blood glucose levels.

Hyperglycemia, high blood sugar levels can, over time, damage the blood vessels that supply blood to our vital organs. This, in turn, increases the risk of heart and kidney disease, as well as leading to vision problems and problems with your nervous system. Researchers have linked high blood sugar levels with cancer in women. Hypoglycemia, low blood sugar, can cause us to feel tired, depressed and lead to food eating disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Is blood sugar level of 104 after 10 hours of fasting (not even water) high?
    Im 21 years old. 74 Kg.167 cm. (5″ 7′). My mom has diabetes (not from her family) but now controlled.
    I went to the doctor because i have tingling in my hands and legs. he asked me to have a blood-sugar test. Next day i checked my sugar level and it was 104.
    Is it diabetes???

    • ANSWER:
      it might be a little high, but yes, get an A1C test done, but if you go toi the doctor and your A1C is 6 or maybe 5.9 or 5.8 and your doctor says it’s nothing to worry about, do not listen, my doctor did that and he didn’t realize that it could have been just starting, that is what happened with me, he said my levels were normal but i was still having symptoms, really thirsty, i was getting yeast infections almost once a month. he told me not to worry, but he was wrong, just make sure you watch for the major symptoms. and get the A1C test done! if your not having any symptoms then i wouldn’t worry too much, but you should test just to be sure!

    Blood Sugar level 104? I had 77 on my last blood test…?
    I DO not have diabeties…and hope I won’t have it. Last time I checked my doctor my blood sugar was 77….

    I’ve never had high sugar, I have Ulcerative colitis, and I think my sugar is up because of the malt I drank early in the summer, but I recently stopped (it had 41 mili grams). Thing is I always used to drink it, and all of a sudden I have 104 blood sugar?

    It’s either that OR…I suspect it was the nicotine patches or gums I was using. I have to do a fasting test (where I have to drink sugar water). Honestly I haven’t been doing anything this summer, i’m rather slim too, but this isn’t sugar shouldn’t be this level. (I have Ulcerative colitis by the way also)

    • ANSWER:

    Blood sugar level 104 very bad?
    I DO not have diabeties…and hope I won’t have it. Last time I checked my doctor my blood sugar was 77….

    I’ve never had high sugar, I have Ulcerative colitis, and I think my sugar is up because of the malt I drank early in the summer, but I recently stopped (it had 41 mili grams). Thing is I always used to drink it, and all of a sudden I have 104 blood sugar?

    It’s either that OR…I suspect it was the nicotine patches or gums I was using. I have to do a fasting test (where I have to drink sugar water). Honestly I haven’t been doing anything this summer, i’m rather slim too, but this isn’t sugar shouldn’t be this level. (I have Ulcerative colitis by the way also)

    • ANSWER:
      104 mg/dl is normal. Normal fasting blood sugar should be in the range of 80 – 120 mg/dl. So you are typically in this range. It might go be higher if you measure the blood sugar after meals, but you don’t have any reason to worry.

    My blood sugar level was 313 just after eating, when my fasting level has been 104. Am I in danger of diabete?
    104. How dangerous is this spike?

    • ANSWER:
      Home blood glucose tests are notoriously inaccurate and variable. I suggest you have these results verified.

      You need to educate yourself immediately about diabetes. “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program to Reverse Diabetes Now” is a book that can help you reverse this condition. Another good reference book about diet is “Fasting and Eating for Health” by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. He also talks about the whole plant based diet and has a chapter on diabetes. The optimal diet happens for excellent health also happens to help reverse heart disease and diabetes. Do not fast until your diabetes is under control.

      I lost 90 pounds by eating a whole plant based diet and I now have perfect blood work.

    Fasting blood sugar level, one hour after eating and two hours after eating?
    I am really confused about trends regarding my blood sugar levels. From last year or so I am facing this problem. My fasting blood sugar level is in the range of 100-115 mg/dl , my Doctor told me that nothing to worry about and more precise test is HbA1c, during last year results of HbA1c were 5.7 and 5.9 . According to the Doctor though it is on higher side but still it is absolutely ok and by adopting some changes in food habits and life style it will quickly go down . I acted on the advise and reduced my weight from 82 Kg to 74 kg in 3 months by exercises (my height is 176 cm). Reduced carbohydrate intake but still i always felt light -headedness after eating (that was the main reason i went to Doctor and I suspected that it has something to do with blood sugar levels) . I also started monitoring my blood sigar levels at house with glucometer and for me it was aways surprising that blood sugar level one hour after eating looks very good but it increaes two hours after eating , as we know it should be other way around. e.g. My Typical Blood Sugar levels after taking full meal

    Fasting Blood Sugar Level: 104 mg/dl
    One hour after eating : 120 mg/dl
    Two hours after eating : 145 mg/dl
    then it comes back to below 110 mg/dl 3-4 hours after eating. Same trend i observed again and again repeatedly almost every day.
    Then I went to an internal medicine specialist and showed by HbA1C results and trends in blood sugar level after eating. He found it surprising that blood sugar level increases after two hours as compared to the readings after one hour. He suspected that there is something wrong with testing instrument and my technique of testing , infact he did not pay much attention to my observation and once again he said that HbA1c and fasting blood sugar levels are ok. No need to worry..just relax and sleep well. Anyhow, he also recommended an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test with the comment that it is only for my satisfaction and in his opinion everything is good and ok.
    Oral Glucose Tolerance Test confirmed my results which I observed always:
    Results of GTT
    Fasting: 111 mg/dL
    One hour after taking Glucose solution : 138 mg/dL
    Two hours after taking Glucose solution : 155 mg/dL

    The lady which performed these tests in the laboratory was also surprised with this trend.
    I know that things are not very alarming, it is pre-diabetic state but question is:

    What could be the reason for such a trend ? anybody has also same experiences? what could be the remedy ?
    I have to go to my doctor once again in two weeks to discuss with him the results. But I can imagine that he would perhaps ask for repetition of the test, because this trend is an exception.
    Your comments on this trend will be highly highly appreciated.
    I am only 32 years old, go to gym 3-4 days per week and successfully reduced my body weight .
    Loking forward for your comments and advises.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have not been diagnosed as a diabetic, then that A1C is at the high end of the normal range, and indicates impaired glucose tolerance.

      This is backed up by the results of the OGTT. I am sorry to tell you that is not a pre-diabetic result. That is diabetes. A non-diabetic would test at well under 140 two hours after the glucose.

      100-115 fasting BG also is problematic, as truly normal fasting BG is 80-100.

      It is perfectly possible for your 2 hour post meal reading to be higher than your 1 hour post meal reading. It was probably because of the fat content of the meal. Carbohydrates hit the blood very quickly, but any fat eaten with the carb will slow down the digestion considerably. The spike will only hit the blood later, sometimes 2-3 hours later. The classic example is pizza (high carb high fat). The 1 hour reading will not be high, because the fat is delaying the digestion of the carb. But about 3 hours later, all that carb will hit the blood and you will get a huge blood sugar spike. Whereas a slice of white bread (high carb low fat) will give a high 1 hour reading, then the 2 hour reading will be lower.

      A final word. It is possible to be young, fit, active and normal weight, and still get diabetes (Type 1 or 2, but I suspect you are referring to Type 2). It is a wicked media myth that ‘bad lifestyle’ causes Type 2 diabetes. There are millions of people in the world who are thin, exercise and eat healthily, yet they still have Type 2 diabetes!

    I am 35 years old , My fasting blood sugar level is 53 and 2 hours after the meal is 104 , is it really low? ?

    • ANSWER:
      are u diabetic??

      IF you are then yes, that is kind of low…unless you are borderline…
      IF you are not..then no… that is actually kind of high. I have normal blood sugar levels and during a glucose test for pregnancy my test ran at 90 and they told me that I was borderline…

    I just need to know if I am pre diabetic or diabetic. I had blood tests done, sugar level was 57 not fasting.?
    I had 2 cups of coffee w/ cream, 3 sugars about 2 hours before I had blood tests. My cholesterol was (315), white cell count high again. I had a Fasting glucose level & an Hgb A1C (?) done 6 days later. The results were 104 for the glucose fasting, 5.7 for hgb A1c. I have symptoms of low blood sugar also. About 8 months ago my urine showed traces of protein, ketones? These levels seem so off to me, shouldn’t the numbers be the other way around? One more thing, I had a blood test done for clotting factors as I bruise easily, I still have a faint bruise on my thigh from a month ago, touch it and it still hurts. I have not heard from those results.

    • ANSWER:

    What is the normal blood sugar level?
    I checked it right after I ate(i know it was supposed to be 2 hours or so after the meal, so I guess it was considered a random test) it was 104…is that normal I wasn’t fasting or anything I ate random things earlier such as chocolate and stuff is that considered prediabetes? And should I test it again after eating? What would the normal range be?

    • ANSWER:

    Fasting blood sugar levels question?
    I’m not a diabetic, but I decided to test my blood sugar. I have not eaten anything since 11 p.m. last night and this morning my blood sugar was 88. I thought that was high for me, so I tested again and it was 94. To me that was really high, so I tested again and it was 104. I just tested again and my reading was 93. I realize that those are all in the “normal” range, but is it something I should worry about? Again, I have not eaten anything all day and I’m getting these readings. Should I worry about them?

    • ANSWER:
      Denny – You should NOT worry about your absolutely normal blood sugar (glucose) levels. HOWEVER, I worry about you making yourself into a stick or “pin” cushion when you are NOT a diabetic. Even if all the numbers you got are accurate, the mild variations, even upward, are easily explained by the fact that glucose is stored in body fat and glycogen in the liver. It is routinely converted back to sugar whenever your body feels the need. Please stop testing (sticking) your normal self. Each stick gives you a small, but added chance of infection you don’t need.

    Are my blood sugar levels normal?
    Hemoglobin 1AC – 5.1

    Fasting Glucose, Serm level – 100

    Mean Plasma Glucose – 104

    Why is the mean plasma glucose higher? What is it even?

    • ANSWER:
      Mean plasma glucose always runs a bit higher (about 10%, usually) than whole blood glucose. I believe it’s just a more accurate way of determining your blood glucose levels. Consumer meters generally only measure whole blood glucose. It’s cheaper to do and tells us all we need to know with regard to how we treat our condition.

      Your numbers look great. Congratulations, you’re not diabetic.

    I have just been told I was pre diabetic…I had blood tests done, I had a glucose level of 57 without fasting?
    I also had high white cell count, again. Also high cholesterol level of 315. I had a fasting glucose level of 104 following the low levels of 57. I also had the hgb A1C which was 5.7. Is this normal for such a difference in the glucose levels? I also have had symptoms of low blood sugar, and, also when I eat most of the time I am nausea’s. I am 52 and weigh about 138lbs. BMI is normal. One other thing is I had some traces of protein,ketones in urine about 8 months ago….any advice? Thank you so much.
    Does this show I am pre diabetic or diabetic??

    • ANSWER:
      start exercising, running, swimming, change diet or you’ll be on oral and injectable meds in no time. It will ruin your life w diabetic complications. Do make changes now while you can. Dead serious. those modifications will reverse chol, and help reduce worsening.

    fasting blood sugar 120′s-130′s am I diabetic?
    I have PCOS. I was diagnosed mildly insulin resistant in April, 2010. I was prescribed metformin at 500mg/day and was increased gradually over the course of 1 month to 1700mg/day. Previous to being prescribed the metformin, I had a fasting blood test and was told I was not diabetic and that the metformin would not affect my glucose only would help my PCOS.

    WIthin the past 2 weeks I felt horrible and had symptoms that match almost every symptom of hyPERthyroidism. I have been to the hospital twice. I will soon be seen by a medical endocrinologist.

    For the past week I have monitored my fasting AM blood sugar via arm meter (in case those who are experienced find them not as accurate as a finger stick meter). My ranges have been between 125-137 each day, fasting, as soon as I wake up, before doing anything. Until this time of feeling like crap, I never checked my sugar levels (never had a reason to as my reproductive endo. told me that Im not diabetic and didnt need to while being on the metformin).

    I am wondering if the metformin has caused the increase in fasting sugar levels or, if potentially I was borderline diabetic, it was caught, the super dose of metformin caused my complications and symptoms and is now causing the higher levels???

    After the first ‘episode’ I cut my metformin regimin in 1/2 and was only taking 850mg. During the second ‘episode’ my sugar was checked (while on the 850mg, fasting, and in the AM) and my reading was 104.

    Am I diabetic? Did the medicine cause the higher levels now? Or what?

    Since April I have been walking 3-4 miles at least 3 times a week (generally 4-5) and have been eating low carb, no sugar foods. Maybe the lifestyle change made me feel the way I did?? But, Im curious if Im eating and exercising now, why the sugar levels the way they are??


    • ANSWER:

    My fasting blood glucose was 104?
    My insulin level was normal. My doctor did not say i was pre-diabetic but my mom’s fasting blood sugar was 114 and she needs medication. i dont eat sweets, but im 10 pounds overweight. whats your opinion? I am hungry/thirsty all the time but my doctor wont further any tests.

    • ANSWER:
      Go on a diet. Stay away from the carbs. Exercise and maybe check your blood again in a few months for A1c and glucose.

    Nicotine replacement effecting blood sugar levels.?
    I am a non-diabetic and have recently quit smoking and I am on nicotine patches. I had gestational while pregnant 5 years ago. I still have my meter and test my sugar often. My levels after fasting for 8 hours is an average of 104-115. I am just wondering if nicotine replacement patchs can cause blood sugar levels to go up. I do get some symptoms like I had when I was pregnant with gestational diabetes. I have to use the bathroom often. When I dont eat like I should, I tend to get weak but my blood sugar levels are above 100. I dont want to be a worry wart, but I also want to know if this is enough of a concern for me to talk to my family doctor about.

    • ANSWER:
      I would have a fasting blood drawn by the doctor to rule out Type 2 diabetes. Since you had it gestationally, you may have developed Type 2. The patches should not have anything to do with your blood sugars. Are you eating more since you quite smoking? Maybe you are taking in more carbohydrates and that is boosting your sugars.

    Why would fasting Blood Glucose be consistently higher than Bedtime levels?
    I am trying to get my blood sugar levels into a normal range with exercise and diet. I am not on insulin or drugs and have not yet been diagnosed with diabetes but my MD is concerned about my fasting blood glucose.

    What’s frustrating is that I am really watching what I eat and controlling my snacking and have a Bedtime BG of 95-104 (5.3-5.8) and yet my FBG seems to consistently be 108-110 (6.0-6.1). Why…where is the glucose coming from if I have been at rest and haven’t eaten for over 10 hours?

    I thought it may be related to eating too late and/or too heavy a meal the night before and perhaps was still digesting after going to bed, but have watched and contolled what I have eaten during the last couple of days without any apparent impact.

    • ANSWER:
      When you fast, many times the liver thinks the bodies blood sugar is going too low, and it will release sugar into the blood stream. Diabetics call this ” dawn phenomenon”. It happens to many of us in the morning when we do our fasting blood sugar test, but a hour later, it is usually within normal range. It can also happen to diabetics when they exercise. It is just the liver trying to keep something from going wrong. You are right though, about your evening meal. If it was something with a lot of carbs, it can cause the fasting test in the morning to be high. Especially if you eat fiber like grains in bread, or eat oatmeal. If I have oatmeal, my blood sugar will stay up forever it seems. If I just eat a small amount of it, my blood sugar will rise some, but will stay stable for hours, I don’t need a snack. Next time you are going to have a test, make you last meal something lower in carbs and see what happens. Even non diabetics experience dawn phenomenon.

    Normal blood sugar levels?
    Fasting – 9:30 AM – 72
    1 hour after breakfast (bowl of Special K) – 12:30 PM – 104
    1 hour after lunch (1 can Beef-a-Roni) – 2:00 PM – 123
    2 hours after lunch – 3:00 PM – 85

    My doctor said I have Gestational Diabetes. I saw a dietitian today, so I am starting my diet tomorrow. My levels seem fine though? Just curious, because I don’t see the issue here besides my unhealthy eating. (WHICH IS NOT NORMALLY WHAT I DO!)

    Where is the problem? Are these normal?

    How are the levels low? I was told to keep my fasting level below 90 and an hour after a meal to be below 130. I don’t see how they are low.
    My doctor said to test one hour after eating, but I have been testing 1 AND 2 hours after. :)

    I figured. My doc is an idiot sometimes. I really feel for you diabetics, I have a higher chance of developing it later on in life now that I have GD, and I know this isn’t a picnic so I can only imagine how it is for you guys! :(

    • ANSWER:
      Those numbers seem fairly normal. Your morning fasting number may be a little low. That’s the only strange one.

      Typically, a healthy person has a fasting number of 84. In the mornings, however, that number may be slightly elevated, since your liver dumps sugar into your bloodstream to get you going. That’s typically called the Dawn Phenomenon for diabetics, who will increase quite a bit in the mornings. Normal people only experience a modest increase in blood sugar levels.

      That fact that you are lower than 84 in the mornings would seem to indicate that your not metabolising sugar quite normally. It could mean you are going hypoglycemic during the night time.

    Normal blood sugar levels for GD?
    Fasting – 9:30 AM – 72
    1 hour after breakfast (bowl of Special K) – 12:30 PM – 104
    1 hour after lunch (1 can Beef-a-Roni) – 2:00 PM – 123
    2 hours after lunch – 3:00 PM – 85

    My doctor said I have Gestational Diabetes. I saw a dietitian today, so I am starting my diet tomorrow. My levels seem fine though? Just curious, because I don’t see the issue here besides my unhealthy eating. (WHICH IS NOT NORMALLY WHAT I DO!)

    Where is the problem? Are these normal?
    Nope, I fasted 8 hours before the test like my doctor told me to. I just don’t understand how I was diagnosed with it, although I do have risk factors (overweight, not too active pre-pregnancy, etc) but really I don’t get it because my readings look normal to me, and if I were to show them to the doctor they’d say they were normal too, I think? I am following within guidelines, my doctor said below 90 for fasting and below 130 an hour after eating. My doctor’s office is full of morons, they probably switched mine with someone else’s, as they’ve screwed up 90% of EVERYTHING that I’ve been through there since my first appointment.

    • ANSWER:
      These readings are normal!

      The glucose tolerance test measures whether you can handle a big dose of glucose – fast digesting sugar – in a short period of time. Well, now you know you can’t…which isn’t the same as how you are eating.

      I totally see your point here. Beefaroni (lol) is pretty carby and you had a 123 afterwards, so that’s really great. Your doctor could be taking the view that you have showed glucose intolerance, which will increase because of pregnancy hormones the farther along you are, so reigning it in now will keep you from getting to dangerous levels later.

      I would suggest you continue to monitor. You might end up like that other answerer and find that you can stray off the diet and it doesn’t matter to your sugars – that would be great. But it’s also not likely they switched the test results. Just make sure you don’t have a BIG dose of sugar like the test – that means no soda, juice, frosting from the can, etc.

    is 104/66 good blood pressure while pregnant?
    I constantly feel dizzy and get very hot. Almost as if my sugar level is going down. My sugar level fasting is 70. Doc said it was fine and said id worry more about he blood pressure. im 33 wks.

    I weigh about 137 and im 5’5.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Rms…

      Sugar level can rise up quickly by the food you eat. Be worried if your sugar spikes up more than normal ( normal range is 80-120 mg/dL) because this can lead you to gestational diabetes (which is present only during pregnancy).
      Anyways, Your doctor is correct to say that you should worry more of your blood pressure since you carry a child in you who needs oxygen in the blood to continue to live. Normal blood pressure ranges from 90/60 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg. You are nearing the lower limit. Be careful since when it shoots down, you’ll be depleting your child of blood (which includes oxygen and nutrients). Eat red meats if not contraindicated and raise you legs above heart sometimes while you are lying down.
      It’s normal to feel dizzy, its a typical pregnancy symptom.

      Hoe this helps! Congratulations in advance to your child…

    Strange Blood Glucose Levels?
    My friend tested his fasting blood sugar in the morning (12 hours fasting) it was 104 mg/dl, then he took a small bowl of Quackers Oatmeal in the breakfast , ate/drink nothing for two hours tested his blood sugar after two hours and it was 84 mg/dl.Is this strange or normal He has not done heavy exercise , he has not changed any of his routine .

    I think the fasting levels are OK but two hours before the breakfast are low .(why)

    Further I also want to know that why gluco meter values are lower than the lab result values.

    My friend has tested his sugar levels in the lab with the glucometer simultaneously glucometer results are 104 and 84 lab results will come in two days.

    I need some logical answers from the experts, please avoid answers to make points in yahoo.
    My friend is prediabetic suffering from IGT.

    Senior Experienced members please reply.
    Especially Mr Peachy, Cammie, mazher the three ones in the top contributors list.
    His lab result came 109 instead of 104

    still waiting for the response of top contributors
    His complete lab results say
    HbA1C 6%
    Random 94 mg/dl

    What is your opinion now. He is really worried for his HbA1C as this was 5.8 % when checked 4 months back
    Still waiting for the response from top contributors.

    • ANSWER:
      In my view the results are normal

      Before deciding if your meter is accurate, it’s important to understand how accuracy is defined. A home blood glucose meter’s test result is considered accurate if it falls within ±20% of the lab test. Comparing a meter’s test result with a lab test is the only valid method of determining whether or not your glucose meter is accurate.

      How Are Glucose Meters Calibrated?
      Some home glucose meters are calibrated to use whole blood to measure glucose. Lab equipment only uses the plasma portion of blood, meaning that the red blood cells are removed before blood glucose testing. Because of this difference in sample types, whole blood test results are approximately 12% lower than plasma test results.

      More of the newer glucose meters are beginning to test plasma, or both, or have testing strips that can test for plasma. You must first know how your glucose meter is calibrated to accurately compare your glucose meter to lab results.

      Whole Blood to Plasma Conversion
      Whole blood-calibrated meters require a simple mathematical conversion to compare their test results with laboratory test results.

      Divide the lab result by 1.12 to get whole blood equivalent.

      For example: Lab result = 112
      112—1.12 = 100 (100 = “whole blood” equivalent)

      Allowable Variance Range Calculation
      If your meter tests in “whole blood”, be sure to convert your lab results to whole blood before comparing. If your meter tests in “plasma”, you just calculate the range as shown below. Remember a ±20% variance is considered acceptable by the medical community.

      i.e. Lab result = 100
      100 x .20 = 20 variance
      100 + 20 = 120 (High Range)
      100 – 20 = 80 (Low Range)

      If your glucose meter fell between 80 and 120 (±20%), it would be considered accurate.

      If your glucose meter falls outside of that range, your should contact the manufacturer for assistance and possible replacement of your meter.

      Comparing the Test Results of Two Glucose Meters
      No two glucose meters, even the same model from the same manufacturer, will give identical test results every time. The best way to check to is if your glucose meter is accurate is to compare it to lab results.

      Tips on Comparing your Meter Results with a Lab Test
      Here are some important tips to follow whenever you want to compare a glucose meter result with a laboratory result to determine if the meter is accurate.

      Make sure your glucose meter is clean and properly coded to match the test strips you are using.
      Perform a check strip and/or control solution test to ensure your glucose meter and test strips are performing properly.
      Know how your meter is calibrated and whether or not you must make a conversion before comparing results.
      Do not eat for four hours before your lab test.
      Make sure blood samples for both glucose tests are drawn at the same time. Once blood has been drawn for your lab test, prick your finger and perform a test with your glucose meter.
      Request that the lab test be done within 30 minutes of drawing blood.
      Ask the laboratory technician if your hematocrit (red blood cell count) is normal. If it isn’t, your meter test result may be inaccurate.
      If you are severely dehydrated from excessive vomiting, diarrhea, or urination, your meter test result may be inaccurate.

      For more on diabetes visit

    Should you eat if your blood sugar is normal but high?
    I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, so I test my blood sugar at least 4 times per day, but I’ve never had an abnormal reading. Most of my readings are between 64 and 88, including after eating. I don’t take insulin.

    Occasionally, when I cheat from the diabetes diet (e.g., eating fast food or large quantities of sugar) I will get readings that are normal but high for me (e.g., between 94 and 104).

    If I get a “high for me” reading at a time of day in which I would ordinarily eat a snack, should I go ahead and eat the snack? On one hand, I think I should to be consistent and keep my body used to producing insulin at that time of the day. Also, my blood sugar tends to crash into the 60s within a couple of hours if I don’t eat after getting that high of a reading.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen several people on here be told never to eat when their sugar levels are high. I don’t know if that logic applies only when the blood sugar readings are abnormally high, or if the logic should also apply to the situation I am describing.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are not hungry and just eating because it is “snack time”, and your blood sugar is on the upper end of normal you should wait and eat your snack when you get physically hungry, your body will let you know (stomach growls)

    Question about blood surgar levels?
    I’m not a diabetic, but my friend is, so I decided to check my blood sugar for two days (yesterday and today). I took the test today fasting and my first reading came back 88. I decided to test again, so I did and it was 94. I thought that was high, so I used his control solution to test the meter and the meter was accurate, so I tested again and my level was 104. Yesterday when I tested fasting I had 83 the first time and 82 the second time. Is it normal for blood sugar to jump around like this when your not a diabetic? I know all of my levels are considered in the “normal” range, but 104 was scary to me. Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      I am a diabetic and your blood sugar levels, when tested are never a steady number. This is because you are taking a measurement from a specific location, most likely your finger. Your pancreas releases insulin in your body when sugar levels are high, but takes time to react with the sugar in your blood. Your liver shoots out levels of sugar and pancreas regulates the level. When you tested 104 it was most likely an outlier and the liver just pumped out a hefty dose of sugar. Your fine!

    feels like passing out AFTER I eat?
    For almost a month now just about everytime I eat I feel dizzy, lightheaded, and feel like passing out. I get headaches and end up sleeping anywhere from half and hour up to 5 or 6 hours. I have been checked for diabetes and do not have it. My fasting blood sugar level has been 80 and as low as 79 (being tested). Once after eating a turkey sandwich my level was 104 and I had the above symptoms. The highest I’ve seen my blood sugar has been 127 right after eating and I felt like I was going to pass out. I am overweight, it’s a genetic condition. Also, diabetes runs in my family. I’ve had a glucose resistence test recently and my level was 79. I’m almost 35 yrs old and I am 5’5″.. I’m just wondering why I feel like this only after I eat. I have noticed in the past few days that I feel a little light headed in between meals. Any suggestions would be helpfull. I am going to see my dr this afternoon.

    • ANSWER:
      Some people get hypotension after eating, particularly a large meal. I’m guessing this is because blood is diverted to the GI tract and the brain suffers a temporary reduction in oxygen. Try eating smaller meals and perhaps resting afterward.

    I have been told to see an endocrinologist, but i can’t get in for three months(we only have one)?
    I do not have high or low blood sugar levels. My Test this morning was 92 before I ate and later in the day after i had eaten over two hours it was 104. Fasting blood sugar was 92 from 12 hour fast blood test. I have not gained a pound in six months, I drink a lot of water all the time because I have adrenal gland problems so they say. I get tired real easy but not weak. i exercise 30 minutes a day and walk on treadmill 30 min. DO you think my nervousness feeling and tiredness is from hypoglycemia or can it be coming from my neck. I had surgery to fuse two vert. 1 1/2 years ago . Any ideas out there on how to get my health back?

    • ANSWER:
      Definitely see an endocrinologist and sorry to say, 3 months sounds about right (they are very busy people!). I’m not going to give medical advice…but if you’re wondering/toying with the idea/doubting if you have hypoglycemia, check your blood sugar!!!

    Get answers from millions of real people.?
    what can cause frequent urination………..i have cheked my blood sugar levels which were a bit high(104-111 fasting) but still witin limits it should not cause me to urinate every 2 hrs
    or can it be due high uric acid…..and also when i check my sugar level before going to bed (3 hrs after food) they are within limit (101-108 ) but they are always higher in morning like 104 -111,(which i axpect to be lower within range of 85-95). i exercise regularly and on top i have tried dietry food as well, still same,………..does any one have any info.

    • ANSWER:
      Bladder infection. By the way a dumb way to ask a question in answers.First of all we are not real people. We have computers that answer these questions. Don’t rush to treatment until your kidneys fail. cause that’s the route of bladder infections. Main cause of bladder infections: dirty boys or girls. Plus not peeing all the way. Slow down and enjoy the time it take to piss a good one. When you get older you will realize this. I hope this little bit of humor is appreciated.Anti-biotics are the KEY>

    Do blood sugars jump around in non-diabetics?
    I’m not a diabetic, but my friend is, so I decided to check my blood sugar for two days (yesterday and today). I took the test today fasting and my first reading came back 88. I decided to test again, so I did and it was 94. I thought that was high, so I used his control solution to test the meter and the meter was accurate, so I tested again and my level was 104. Yesterday when I tested fasting I had 83 the first time and 82 the second time. Is it normal for blood sugar to jump around like this when your not a diabetic? I know all of my levels are considered in the “normal” range, but 104 was scary to me. Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      a NORMAL blood sugar reading is ANY reading in the range 80-120 a 94 is great, and so is the 104.

      NO ONES blood sugar stays at one constant level. The actual reading depends on WHEN, WHAT, adn HOW MUCH you ate, how much you have exercised, your general health level (do you have a cold), AND your personal stress level.

      FOOD is the primary reason that blood sugar goes high. If you eat birthday cake and cola before taking the test, your reading WILL be high — maybe 300 or more. But 4 hours later, you will be hungry again, and your blood sugar reading may be 115. ONE high blood sugar reading is NOT to be worried about!

      Exercise is supposed to lower you blood sugar level, but in fact, during the exercise and for about an hour after, exercise actually RAISES your blood sugar . it is the LONG TERM effects of exercise that are important, NOT the immediate changes.

      Your physical and mental health conditions have large effects. If you have an infection your blood sugar WILL go high. Your body is producing its own sugars to help the white cells fight the “invading” germs. ANd your mental health level ALSO affects blood sugar . If you have job or marital stress, your blood sugar will be high. It is important that you always deal with stressful situations in a quick and positive manner. Don;t “stuff” stress! Don’t hide it — talk it out!

      If you don’t eat for 10 hours (like, going ot bed), then you blood sugar will be LOW. If it drops lower than 70, you need to talk to your doctor about possible Hypoglycemia.

      Blood sugar readings jump around ALL the time. In fact, if you use the same meter and take another test 30 minutes later, you will get an entirely different reading.

    Do I possibly have Diabetes?
    Im 15 and I have a few symptoms of diabetes. and yesterday, i took a glucose level check with my dad’s blood sugar level checking thingy, and 4hrs after a meal i got 119 and today after fasting for about 12 hours i got a 104. My dad is the only one in our family to get diabetes.
    i have symptoms such as frequent urination and i also have like foamy urine

    • ANSWER:
      The only way to know for sure is to get a blood test from your doctor.

    What does it mean if my mg/dL never changes much?
    I’m not diabetic but, since it runs in my family, I occasionally (more out of curiosity than anything else) test my blood sugar using a home test kit (Accu-Check Advantage) that I bought for my mother (who is pre-diabetic).

    My 8-hr fasting level was 104. My 2-hr post-prandial was 104 and my random (at night, after nibbling a lot during the evening) was 107!

    I’ve tested the unit with the control, so I know it works.

    Is it “normal” to have so little variation in the test results, even for a non-diabetic? Again, I’m asking not out of concern (I’m healthy as a horse!) but out of curiosity.

    • ANSWER:
      Normal glucose levels for this test fall between 70 and 145. Random blood sugar testing checks glucose levels randomly throughout the day, regardless of meal times. If levels vary widely, there could be a problem. Blood sugar levels should be between 70 and 125 in order to be considered normal for random testing.

      You’re right – healthy as a horse Congratulations !

    doctor right or wrong?
    so i gave my doctor my fasting blood glucose level which was a 104 mg/dl and he said not to change my diet or see a dietician, to just cut the sugars. should i get a second opinion because i think this should be a little more worrisome. i really think i need to get a hold of a dietician. i am pre diabetic. he just said that i have a mildly high glucose level and that i need to cut the sugars, or so his assitant told me over the phone. do i need to get a second opinion or is he right. plus, should i see a dietician because i have no idea how many carbs i should intake per day. thanks
    is there a certain amount of carbs i should take in per day, or should i do the recommended daily value? thanks for all the answers

    • ANSWER:
      That’s barely above normal. In fact, it used to BE normal. They just changed the values of “normal” to be below 100 a couple years ago. So I think your doctor was right not to be worried at all. That’s a number most people strive for. That said, I think it would be a good idea for you to see a dietician, so that you can learn more about what is best, because it sounds to me like you’re a really conscientious person who wants to do all you can to prevent any problems, and extra knowledge will only help you in that, and give you more confidence in your own food decisions.

    What is going on? Thyroid issues? Addison’s Disease?
    Hello everyone. Ever since I had my daughter 2 years ago I have been experiencing strange symptoms. I am chronically fatigued, have had constipation for the past 2 mths, have low blood pressure (usually 90/50), borderline low blood sugar, I am always cold, very dry skin, fainting episodes, lack of sex drive, loss of appetite, and I have lost 20 lbs in 2 yrs. I have had most these symptoms since I was about 7, but after my having my daughter they seem more prominent. Also, my mom has hypothyroidism if that matters. I am a 23 yr old female, 5’4 and 104 lbs.

    So a few mths after I had my daughter I went to see my doctor to get my thyroid tested. He said everything was normal, and I am young and skinny so I have nothing to worry about. Well after having these symptoms for about 2 yrs now I decided to take matters into my own hands and see an endocrinologist on my own. He looked at the previous test results and told me that in one test my potassium was high, my calcium was high, and my T4 level was high, but everything else was normal. He found it very strange and I am going in for more tests, including a cortisol test. I am just very confused at this point and don’t know what is going on. Does anyone have any idea what all of this could mean? I take Otho Evra birth control, could that effect the levels? Also this time I am fasting, which I did not do previously, could that have an effect as well?
    Forgot to add, my previous T4 was a 14. I am not sure about the other levels, should have asked for a copy of the results.

    • ANSWER:
      Did you have enough iodine in your pregnancy vitamins?

      “There is an increased need for thyroid hormone and iodine during pregnancy. Thus each pregnancy is a load on the thyroid function which not every women’s thyroid gland carries out adequately…”

      Here is an iodine article:

      Here is a list of recommended labwork for thyroid and related things:

      How to interpret your test results:

      Here is a thyroid discussion group which may be able to shed some more light:

      I hope this helps you.