Diabetes Reversing Effects

Frequently Asked Questions

    What diet is best for reversing the oncoming effects(I am prediabetic) of diabetes?
    Paleo diet (consists mainly of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts, and excludes grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paleo_diet)

    Okinawa diet (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Okinawa_diet)

    Plant based (Vegetarianism or Vegan)

    • ANSWER:
      Paleo diet is probably your best bet, but consider also that lack of grains, legumes and dairy products can cause you to be short on vitamins and minerals. Early American Colonists, who mostly lived off the paleo style diet had chronic issues with malnutrition, even though they had plenty of food. It wasn’t until the 1700s, when they again had grain and some dairy that these issues were controlled.

      American indians didn’t have the same issues due to long term adaptation.

      Poster Tabea, you really need to get over your issues. Pre-diabetes is recognized whether you like it or not. It has certain qualifiers, just like a diagnosis of diabetes. Can you live on no carbs at all? Yes, but not very long without constant medical attention. That is why epileptics who try that special no carb diet have to be constantly monitored or they risk dying of malnutrition.

    Can you reverse the effects of Diabetes type 2 and stop taking insulin shots?
    I have type 2 diabetes, and just have started taking insulin shots. Is there any way I can get rid of type 2 diabetes and never have to take another shot again

    • ANSWER:
      You will never be RID of type 2 diabetes. But there may be a way to get off the shots.
      It requires Attitude and Dedication.

      Without it you will be shot bound for life.

      There are 4 key steps to controlling glucose levels :

      1) EXERCISE- Walking is fine but Nordic Walking is Great. Exercise also lowers Glucose levels , lowers Cholesterol and lowers Blood Pressure. Google it.Exercise is Non-Negotiable !!!Thats why it is Number 1 on the list.
      2) Knowledge- http://www.phlaunt.com/diabetes/index.ph… This is a great site for info
      3) Meds. Metformin to start. Never , ever take Actos or Avandia. They may kill you. Bone fractures, heart problems and what diabetics really don’t need is that they change Bone Stem Cells to Fat Cells.Also never ever take Onglyza or Januvia . They can can inhibit the bodys immune system and let cancer spread.
      4) Diet- A low carb diet is in order. I can’t count carbs so I use Mendosa’s Glycemic Index Diet. Great for the whole family. http://www.mendosa.com/gilists.htm

      Take care


    Would exercise reverse the effects of diabetes?
    My father has type 2 diabetes and is going through dialysis because the diabetes has caused his kidneys to fail. I was wondering if exercise would be beneficial to his health. I’m worried that it might be too much of a physical exertion, especially since he is in a weak condition and is frequently tired. But I often hear about the benefits of exercise and the effect it plays in combatting diabetes. Would exercise help my father?

    • ANSWER:
      Exercise is beneficial, but in your father’s condition, you need to discuss this with his doctor, so if he’s allowed he can do it safely. He has to know his limitations if any and check his glucose before, after and possibly during to play safe. Also make sure he stays hydrated if he does exercise..

    Does anybody know of your use any medicines or herbal supplements that reverse the effects of diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      There are no herbal supplements that will reverse the effects of diabetes. There are, however, several medicines (prescription only) that will help type 2 diabetes. Also, diet is extremely important in the management of type 2 diabetes.

    What are the symptoms of diabetes? Can the effects be life- threatening and can they be reversed?

    • ANSWER:
      Some symptoms of diabetes include:

      Frequent urination
      Excessive thirst
      Extreme hunger
      Unusual weight loss
      Increased fatigue
      Blurry vision

      If you have one or more of these diabetes symptoms, see your doctor right away.

      Diabetes can also cause or contribute to frequent fungal infections, bladder infections, impotence, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, loss of feeling or pins and needles in hands or feet, loss of vision, or changes in vision, headaches, extreme fatigue, and many other problems including heart desease, high blood pressure, and kidney desease.

      The longer it goes untreated, the greater the damage to your body. It can cause kidney damage and eventually kidney failure, heart desease, vision loss and even blindness, nerve problems leading to digestion problems, and loss of sensation, and even infections and gangrene, which can lead to amputations.

      IF you have diabetes and ignore it, it will eventually kill you, or the complications will get you. Untreated diabetes IS a killer. It is a serious, life threatening desease, with no cure.

      The best hope is to get diagnosed as quickly as possible, and change your diet (reduce carbs, eat healtheir), get more exercise, and take medications which may include insulin.

      The sooner its controlled, the less it damages your body and the less complications you’ll have. It will also reduce the risk of an early death from stroke or heart desease related to diabetes.

      It can be treated and controlled, but not cured. The effects are definitely life threatening when it remains untreated or poorly controlled. Some damage cannot be reversed, while other areas may show some improvement.

      take the risk assessment test here


      If you suspect you have diabetes, tell your doctor your symptoms, and ask for a glucose tolerance test, and an HbA1c test.

      If you are borderline diabetic, the time to get started on treatment is now.

      If you are diabetic it is vital to get help now.

      In other words, do NOT delay in seeking medical attention if you have any of the symptoms.

    Information: ED Issues Associated with Diabetes?
    I am trying to understand what effects Diabetes has on a male, and what exactly occurs that causes erectile dysfunction as a result of having diabetes.

    If ED occurs in someone due to undiagnosed Diabetes, can the ED condition be reversed once the diabetes is brought under control with medication/insulin?

    In other words, will whatever is causing the ED due to diabetes correct itself once blood sugar levels are brought under control? Or is this type of damage permanent?

    • ANSWER:
      the damage is permanent. the diabetes causes the arteries to loose elasticity. this causes a somewhat restricted blood flow. You need to get the diabetes under control. It will help with the ED. But, you’ll never be ‘cured’.

    If a person has diabetes, and has candida, would it effect their glucose/sugar levels?
    I know that elevated glucose levels can cause candida, but is the reverse true? Does candida cause elevated or fluctuating glucose levels?

    • ANSWER:
      Any illness will elevate blood sugars. Illness = stress = cortisol = elevated glucose.

    Why is the FDA blocking south american sweet leaf from approval?
    Stevia (STEE-vee-uh) is a South American shrub whose leaves have been used for centuries by native peoples in Paraguay and Brazil to sweeten their yerba mate and other stimulant beverages. It is 300 times sweeter than sugar, and is non-caloric. Japan has been using it for over 30 years as a sweetener additive, with no reported side-effects. There have been no proven negative side-effects anywhere, and on-going research suggests it may even reverse the effects of diabetes. It would compete with nutrasweet, if the FDA hadn’t mysteriously banned it for no reason in 1991. Suspicious?
    Here’s the wikipedia article:


    • ANSWER:
      Well, technically it’s not denied by the FDA right now… they just don’t currently approve it as a food additive.
      As the article points out, it is suspected that they “acted in response to industry pressure”.

      The thing is, right now it is approved as a nutritional supplement, but not as a food sweetener (although it’s commonly used for that). We’ve been selling it for quite some time. The article even mentions that “[the FDA] revised its stance to permit Stevia to be used as a dietary supplement, although not as a food additive”.

      Along with many other people, I have suspicions about the intentions of the FDA…. but most people can’t prove enough to do anything about it, unfortunately.

    Is it possible for type 1 diabetes to reverse itself ?
    My brother has diabetes and usually has high blood glucose but for the past few weeks he has had low blood glucose levels, like abnormally low. So we’d just give him some sweets but it doesn’t effect it at all even without his insulin shot !!! Is his ratio too high ,I still have to call the doctor but are their other possible explanations ? Is it possible his pancreas started working or something to produce insulin that antibodies won’t recognize.

    Note that he was diagnosed only 2 weeks ago, he’s still a teen ager, he does ROTC , he’s not over weight , and his diabetes is from a gene not from lifestyle. Nost people in our family have type 2 dibetes but its from their lifestyle.
    He is not over weight if anything he’s probably under weight.

    • ANSWER:
      This is common in newly diagnosed diabetics. It’s called the honeymoon period, when the diabetic starts having some really great blood glucose readings with little to no medication. Unfortunately, I’ve never heard of this phase lasting very long. Your brother needs to keep testing his blood sugar and he needs follow care from the doctor.

    diabetes…is this a real progress?
    a vaccine used to combat TB could cure diabetes for most within four years,according to scientists.
    an american researcher realised a drug that killed “bad” white blood cells could help reverse type 1 diabetes.
    she then identified BCG,commonly used in britain to combat TB,as having this side effect.
    dr denise faustman found that mice with a form of diabetes type 1 in humans could be cured quickly when given the drug.
    she said:”they started improving within days after the first injection of BCG was given and were eventually free of diabetes.”
    the vaccine destroyed abnormal white blood cells obstructing the production of insulin,which is needed to prevent diabetes, she said.
    trials on humans, at massachussett general hospital, in boston,must first determine whether the same strategy could work on the abnormal autoimmune cells present in type 1 diabetes.
    this form of disease often starts in childhood when the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the …
    pancreas. but the study is unlikely to help those with type 2 diabetes.

    what do you think about it?

    • ANSWER:
      This is extremely interesting and if true, fabulous news!! It would help millions of people worldwide. However, I wonder if those with type one who become “cured” could later develop type two when they’re older.

    Cardace 2.5 H ,Amalong 5 mg side effect on my body as explained below?
    I have taken CARDACE 2.5 H,AMLONG 5 mg, ,B.P.drugs for 7 years.I find that I have developed cold sensitivity and diabetic condition,low bone density in the same period.Diabetes is recorded as side effect.Can it be corrected after stoping to use the drug.I am 51 years old,167 cms,70 kg,male with constant weight,generally fit with regular work out.My thyroid test are normal.Lost my wife 6 years back and now remarrid from @ 5 years,and generally happy.All other tests are normal.What will reverse the side effects?

    • ANSWER:
      None of the sites I researched list diabetes as a side effect of
      Cardace. Neuropathy and paresthesia are listed however, which may
      contribute your cold sensitivity. Other than elevated blood glucose, I
      see no evidence that Cardace causes diabetes. In fact, one study of
      over 9,000 patients, Ramipril (Cardace) was found to REDUCE the
      incidence of diabetes. Drugs like Ramipril can help diabetics avoid
      diabetic kidney damage.

      Has your doctor ordered a glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C) test on
      you? This can help determine your blood glucose over a period of
      time, as opposed to a random, a post prandial or fasting glucose. Do
      you have family members with diabetes? Has your doctor diagnosed you
      as a diabetic? Are you taking insulin or medication? Diabetics are
      prone to high blood pressure.

      If you are now diabetic, it is unlikely that Cardace was the cause.

      “Patients on ramipril had a 30% lower risk of developing diabetes,
      making it the first drug ever to be effective in preventing the onset
      of diabetes.”


      Diabetes, Type 1 is not reversible. Type 2 can be controlled with diet
      and exercise.

      “The two major forms of diabetes are type 1 (previously called
      insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) or juvenile-onset diabetes)
      and type 2 (previously called noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
      (NIDDM) or maturity-onset diabetes).”

      “• Over time, the pancreas becomes unable to produce enough insulin
      to overcome resistance. In type 2 diabetes, the initial effect of this
      stage is usually an abnormal rise in blood sugar right after a meal
      (called postprandial hyperglycemia). This effect is now believed to be
      particularly damaging to the body.
      • Eventually, the cycle of elevated glucose further impairs and
      possibly destroys beta cells, thereby stopping insulin production
      completely and causing full-blown diabetes. This is made evident by
      fasting hyperglycemia, in which elevated glucose levels are present
      most of the time.”


      “Patient education is essential to help persons with diabetes achieve
      glycemic control, but care should be taken initially to avoid
      overwhelming the patient and family with information. This article
      discusses the management approach during the early days and weeks
      following the diagnosis of diabetes.”

      “During the early period following diagnosis, the support of a social
      worker or psychologist may occasionally be helpful. The patient should
      be asked about stressors at home or work to elicit information that
      would suggest the need for appropriate referral. Initial assessment
      should also address the patient’s health care beliefs, educational
      level and cultural background. Support systems and financial
      circumstances, as well as lifestyle and eating habits, are important


      Diabetes Learning Center


      Cardace is an ACE inhibitor, a class of blood pressure

      “Ramipril belongs in a class of drugs called angiotensin converting
      enzyme (ACE) inhibitors which are used for treating high blood
      pressure and heart failure and for preventing kidney failure due to
      high blood pressure and diabetes. Other ACE inhibitors are enalapril
      (Vasotec), quinapril (Accupril), captopril (Capoten), fosinopril
      (Monopril), benazepril (Lotensin), lisinopril (Zestril, Prinivil),
      moexipril (Univasc) and trandolapril (Mavik). ACE is important because
      it produces the protein, angiotensin II. Angiotensin II contracts the
      muscles of most arteries in the body, including the heart, thereby
      narrowing the arteries and elevating the blood pressure. In the
      kidney, the narrowing caused by angiotensin II also increases blood
      pressure and decreases the flow of blood. ACE inhibitors such as
      ramipril lower blood pressure by reducing the production of
      angiotensin II, thereby relaxing the arterial muscles and enlarging
      the arteries.
      “ACE inhibitors may slow the progress of diabetic kidney disease in
      middle-aged persons with type 2 diabetes. Some (but not all) experts
      have therefore recommended giving ACE inhibitors to all middle-aged
      type 2 diabetics.”
      Historically, it is interesting that the ACE inhibitors were
      originally developed from the venom of a poisonous Brazilian snake.”


      “High blood pressure (hypertension) is often associated with
      diabetes and it poses a greater threat to people with diabetes than it
      does to people without diabetes. This is because high blood pressure
      is one of the major factors influencing nephropathy (damage to the
      kidneys) and people with diabetes are already at a greater risk of
      developing nephropathy. High blood pressure is also associated with
      eye and cardiovascular disease, which are also high risk areas for
      people with diabetes.”

      “ACE Inhibitors also have no adverse effects on the rates at which
      carbohydrate is broken down and used, unlike some other medicines. For
      people with insulin dependent diabetes, small doses can be given which
      protect the kidneys without drastically lowering the blood pressure,
      which means that they can be given to people who do not have high
      blood pressure but are showing signs of kidney damage. This may also
      prevent increases in blood pressure in the future. This effect has not
      been seen in people with non-insulin dependent diabetes but the fact
      that ACE Inhibitors do not affect insulin resistance makes them a
      useful way of controlling blood pressure for this group of people.”

      “Drugs of this type include Captopril, Enalapril, Lisinopril,
      Perindopril and Ramipril amongst others. All need to be started very
      carefully, in small doses and then increased to achieve the best
      effect for the individual. The doctor should then monitor the blood
      pressure and urine three to six monthly to ensure there is no kidney
      damage and may wish to carry out some blood tests, in the early stages
      of treatment,”


      “These drugs can help people with diabetes reduce their risk of heart
      attack, stroke, and premature death. They may also delay the onset and
      progression of kidney disease. In addition, ACE inhibitors can help
      reduce other complications of diabetes, such as foot ulcers and eye
      damage (retinopathy). Retinopathy is the leading cause of blindness
      for people with diabetes. They can help prevent diabetic complications
      in people who do not have high blood pressure.”


      Cardace, Altace (ramipril)
      “SIDE EFFECTS: Ramipril generally is well tolerated, and side effects
      are usually mild and transient. A dry, persistent cough has been
      reported with the use of ramipril and other ACE inhibitors. Coughing
      resolves after discontinuing the drug. Other side effects include
      abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, rash, dizziness, fatigue,
      headache, loss of taste, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fainting
      and numbness or tingling in the hands or feet. Ramipril and other ACE
      inhibitors also may cause kidney failure and increased levels of
      potassium in the blood. The most serious but, fortunately, very rare
      side effects are liver failure and angioedema (swelling of lips and
      throat that can obstruct breathing).”


      “Since ramipril decreases aldosterone secretion, elevation of serum
      potassium can occur. Potassium supplements and potassium-sparing
      diuretics should be given with caution, and the patient’s serum
      potassium should be monitored frequently”
      “Elevations of liver enzymes, serum bilirubin, uric acid, and blood
      glucose have been reported, as have cases of hyponatremia and
      scattered incidents of leukopenia, eosinophilia, and proteinuria. In
      US trials, less than 0.2% of patients discontinued treatment for
      laboratory abnormalities; all of these were cases of proteinuria or
      abnormal liver-function tests.”


      “Elevations of liver enzymes, serum bilirubin, uric acid, and blood
      glucose have been reported, as have cases of hyponatremia and
      scattered incidents of leukopenia, eosinophilia, and proteinuria.”


      Bone Density

      “Osteoporosis Common in Diabetes Patients, on Thursday, June 17 @ 13:04:41 EDT

      Australian doctors are urging clinicians to consider screening their
      diabetic patients for osteoporosis.
      Dr. Wendy Davis, from the University of Western Australia in
      Fremantle, and colleagues, issued the recommendation following
      research that found that previously unrecognized osteoporosis is
      common in patients with diabetes.
      She presented her findings at the 63rd Scientific Sessions of the
      American Diabetes Association.

      “The relationship between diabetes and osteoporosis appears complex,”
      Dr. Davis said. “In type 1 diabetes, there is evidence of low bone
      mineral density [BMD] at peripheral sites which is associated with
      diabetes diagnosis before puberty, poor glycemic control, high insulin
      requirements, and microvascular complications,” she added. “In type 2
      diabetes, there is normal or even increased BMD [bone mineral


      “High dietary intake of potassium from fruits and vegetables
      throughout one’s life helps to preserve bone mass thereby preventing
      bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis.”
      Since Cardace increases serum potassium, it’s not likely that this
      medication is the cause of your loss of bone density.


      “Nevertheless, it is important to remember that men may also be at
      risk for osteoporosis, especially if they have certain illnesses, a
      low testosterone level, are smokers, take certain medications, or are


      “First, we need to define just what osteoporosis is. It is a bone
      condition defined by low bone mass, increased fragility, decreased
      bone quality, and an increased risk for bone fracture. It is the most
      prevalent metabolic bone disease in the United States.”
      “Type 1 diabetes has long been associated with low bone density.”


      “A third of men with type 2 diabetes have low testosterone levels, a
      new study suggests.
      Testosterone helps men reduce body fat and improves the way their
      bodies handle insulin. So low testosterone levels may have serious
      consequences for men with diabetes, suggests Sandeep Dhindsa, MD, of
      State University of New York at Buffalo.”


      Low testosterone can increase bone loss in men. Testosterone decreases as men age.
      “Also men clinically diagnosed with hypogonadism consistently have low
      bone density. Measurements of testosterone in men with hip fractures
      show low levels of free testosterone. Bone biopsies from hypogonadal
      men with osteoporosis show a high bone turnover rate, as compared with
      eugonadal osteoporotic men.”


      Osteoporosis can affect 1 in 12 men. “These conditions include low
      levels of the hormone testosterone (hypogonadism), long term use of
      oral corticosteroid tablets, prolonged immobility, excessive alcohol
      intake and malabsorption of essential minerals and vitamins due to
      other medical conditions e.g. Crohns disease, after major surgery on
      the stomach and also coeliac disease.”
      “Hypogonadism is a lack of the male sex hormone testosterone, which is
      made in the testes (both testicles).

      Hypogonadism in men can be due to a problem with the testes
      themselves or the pituitary gland, which controls the hormone systems.
      Disease or damage to the testes may stop them from responding to the
      stimulation from the pituitary gland. This includes genetic disorders
      of the testes e.g. Klinefelters syndrome, inflammation of the testes
      (orchitis), radiation or chemotherapy and alcohol abuse. Removal of
      both testicles, injury to both testicles and undescended testicles are
      all causes of hypogonadism.”

      “The risk of osteoporosis increases as a consequence of declining
      testosterone levels that occur with increasing age, and the coincident
      decrease in BMD. In men with hypogonadism, BMD is generally low, and
      can be improved with testosterone replacement therapy. However, there
      are no prospective studies on fracture prevention with testosterone
      supplementation either in patients with established hypogonadism, or
      the broader group of elderly male patients without diagnosed
      hypogonadism.27 In one randomized study of changes in BMD of the
      lumbar spine among 108 men over the age of 65 years, who were
      randomized to receive either a testosterone or placebo patch for 36
      months, BMD did not increase among those men with normal pretreatment
      testosterone levels (400 ng/dL), while among those with a low
      pretreatment testosterone level (200 ng/dL or less), the testosterone
      therapy was associated with an increase in BMD.”


      I hope this has helped you. Please read over each posted site – I
      am unable to post complete articles due to copyright protection. If
      you will reply to my clarification regarding the second drug, I can
      research it further for you.
      It appears that you may (note – **MAY** – you can not be diagnosed
      online!) have developed diabetes, but it is not likely that the
      Cardace precipitated it. It appears coincidental.

      *If* you HAVE developed diabetes, it is not reversible. If you have
      developed Type 1, you will need to be tested further and placed on
      insulin. Type 2, as I stated earlier, can usually be controlled by
      diet and exercise, or if not, oral tablets can be prescribed – no
      insulin injections needed. The silver lining is… if you actually have
      diabetes, Type 1, learning so now can save your life! Starting
      treatment can prevent diabetic episodes, kidney and heart disease!
      This answer is for information purposes only and is not intended to
      diagnose or replace medical advice from a licensed physician.

    Diabetic Shots For Long time?
    I have had diabetes for about years and have been on the shots for awhile. With all the insulin I need I end up getting about 4 shots a day bu they have been making my skin dent out-word expertly my arms and stomach. Is there anyway to reverse these effects or stop them?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to move your injection sites around to other parts of your body. The skin gets indented from the constant use of several sites. Use your arms, legs, stomach and even butt,(where you can reach). Having bumps for a little while is normal, they will go away, Inject in the stomach, then the leg, then the other leg, then the arm. Always move the site and never right next to a place you have recently injected.

    Pre-Diabetes/Glucose Intolerance?
    Okay so I have cystic fibrosis its a very uncommon ilness and it involves me to gain weight and stuff to keep my lungs healthy since I always get lung infections.

    Now while I was at my 4monthly clinic appointment they did something called Glucose level or something where they took my blood, got me to drink orange stuff and waited 2 hours to do my blood again.

    Now they say I have something like Glucose Intolerance where im higher then normal but not high enough to be diabetic. they want to give me a blood sugar monitor so I can see how my blood sugar is doing. Now I read you can reverse this most times if you change your diet and lose weight.

    Now I am 15 years old and 105lbs and with my Cystic fibrosis I CAN’T! LOSE WEIGHT I need to drink sodas and junk food to keep my weight up.

    Now I am in a bad situation. I cant change my diet and lose weight or my Cystic Fibrosis will be effected and I can’t eat sugar and junk food or I will get full diabetes.

    Can someone please help me? I am 15 years old with a disease that will make me die younger and now diabetes? I just hate my life right now. :(

    • ANSWER:
      Whoa down, hon!!! Yes, I had a couple of friends who had CF!! Life is rough without having diabetic threat added.

      Know that GTT is not the best way to diagnose Glucose Intolerance or Insulin Resistance either one. That is by blood draw for HbA1c.

      They would have had me standing in the middle of the room gagging up my tonails with that orangy junk.

      I understand that you cannot afford to lose any weight, but sodas and some other junk foods like Twinkies are not the best foods for helping to maintain weight. You might just be an ideal candidate for taking a tad of insulin to cover that sugar you are inhaling!!

      Insulin is the fat packer hormone of the body. It causes us to gain weight when it is being properly used by the bod. Too much causes weight gain, and that doesn’t have to be much at all.

      If you can drink stuff like milkshakes that would be much better for weight maintainance than sodas!

      Do understand that Glucose Intolerance causes some of us to lose weight no matter what we inhale to stop it!!!

      Read this site and see if you can get some useful stuff to discuss witht he doctor:


    What corrections should make to this paragraph?
    In 1987 Judy Pins went under the knife for a procedure to lose weight because she was severely obese. Diet and exercise was not an option for Judy she was just too large. The reason why Judy was overweight was due to an inherited gene in her family and it does not allow the body to digest food as efficiently as a normal body. This is not always the case some people have certain conditions where they gain weight because of medicine they need to take for medicinal purposes, or they developed a condition such as diabetes later on in life and the only way to reverse the effects is to loose weight. Judy made the decision to have bariatric surgery. This is a surgery that limits the amount of food that is ingested by altering the stomach. (National Institute) The first steps Judy took toward getting the surgery was to find out if it would work for her. Was she likely to lose the weight and keep it off over time? And was she aware of the rick factors that are involved? Judy said in our interview “The feeling of fear of going out of the house and everywhere I went there is someone on the corner whispering. It’s obvious that these people were talking and pointing; laughing at the fact that my legs were so enormous I could barley band down to the floor. But I took all of that negative energy and hated myself. The only way for me to feel better and get healthy was to get the surgery. This was heart breaking to hear because almost everyone in the world has poked fun at obese people. Loosing weight is difficult to do. It requires too much effort, time, and sometimes it does not work. There are many Bariatric surgeries that are effective. The three that have changed the lives in many people are Laparoscopic Gastric Banding, Gastric Bypass, and Biliopancreatic diversion.

    • ANSWER:
      comma after 1987

      period after “case”

      capitalize Some

      need to end your quote

    Can someone help me reword this?
    This is the first part of my introduction paragraph for my term paper. I was wondering if there were any suggestions someone could give me. Is there anything that sounds strange? Are there certain sentences that can be made longer in any way?

    Heart disease. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Arthritis. These are few of the complications that result from obesity. There are, however, ways to reverse to effects of obesity. Weight loss can be attained through many different means. Many assorted diets are existent. Exercise plans can help get one’s body into shape. An overweight person may receive a prescription from his or her doctor for weight loss medication. There are even various surgeries available…….

    And thank you in advance; any outsider’s opinion could help me greatly.

    • ANSWER:
      Just give it to ‘em straight baby. Drop it like this:
      “You fat pathetic basterd! Are you eating again? Stop eating you fat pig. Don’t you know ur gonna eat ur dum azz to death? You must be on a seafood diet because when you see food you eat it! You not really fat you just got a weight problem…you can’t wait to eat……….”

    I don’t know what else to do…help?
    I’m having a very difficult time and I need some advice. I keep gaining weight and I’m doing everything I can to lose weight. This has been going on for 2+ years now. When I first started college, I weighed 104 lbs. I was thin and perfect! Since then, I have gained 65 lbs. The only reason I have come up with is because I got the birth control shot. The doc said I could gain weight with it but she didn’t tell me it would be that much! It has been 1 year since I’ve been off the shot. How do I reverse the effects. My family doctor put me on a diet about 6 months ago but it’s not helping and I’ve stuck with it ever day. Here’s my diet:
    breakfast: either toast or fruit
    lunch: either a pb&j sandwich or a salad or tuna sandwich with vegetables and fruit
    dinner: chicken or fish with vegetables
    I run 2-4 miles a day after work and my day job is in a warehouse where I move heavy boxes all day.
    I only drink milk and water anymore. I can’t remember the last time I had a can of pop. When I was in high school I could eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce. Now I eat a carrot and gain 3 pounds. The doc tested me for diabetes and thyroid problems but he said nothing is wrong with me. I never snack. I’ve become obsessed with losing weight but it’s not working. I’m afraid I’ll get to the point where I never eat. I’m so disgusted with my body. I’ve developed terrible stretch marks on my legs and hips from gaining weight so fast. Does anyone know what’s going on with me and how I can fix this? I appreciate any advice you could give me! Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      i think you need to make sure your having 1200 kcal a day and exercising for at least an hour and you should notice somethink in a couple of weeks if not you should go to a different doctor for another opinion
      good luck
      hope this helps

    2 years ago I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic. I have since lost 112 lbs, been off meds for over a year.?
    the doctor was pleased to tell me that I sucessfully REVERSED diabetes.
    However i am confused: I never ever get high sugars, my readings are almost always normal, but I go low very quickly, and I have to eat every 3 hours without fail or else I feel very very bad and shaky. I eat small balanced meals and even eat extra carbs pre and post exercise. if I eat too much I gain weight, which I worked so hard to get rid of, so I have to eat small and frequently. I eat lots of fiber and about 1800 calories a day, I am 147 lbs female 5 foot 6 and do 30 minutes cardio daily. I think I am still diabetic, otherwise why would my blood sugar go down so low? I am canadian so my readings first thing in the am are between 3.9 and 4.6, 1 hour post meal is around 6.5 and 2 hours post is usually around 5.3. I tried eating larger meals and increasing carbs, this had the opposite effect and makes me go even lower post meal (reactive hypo is what the dietician called that) this took weeks to identify and counteract…and got really bad when I started menopause, the hot flashes made me go low day after day. this has subsided now I take ground flax and other oils that help.
    am I still diabetic?
    I’ve never had any tests done to see if I am, other than the a1c tests, which are all normal now for over a year. pls help, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      For what it’s worth, I agree with you. I think that you caught your diabetes early enough and improved your insulin resistance so much by losing weight that you can maintain excellent control without medication. That’s an amazing accomplishment, by the way. I don’t think you are no longer diabetic, though. In order for a person to be truly ‘cured’ of diabetes, I’d expect that individual to pass an oral glucose tolerance test or at least the home version – several slices of chocolate cake washed down with milk. Add some french fries, too. If your blood sugar stays normal the entire time–30 minutes out, 1 hour out, 2 hours out–then I’ll be the first one to say that diabetes reversal is possible. If you gain weight back or resume a very high-carbohydrate diet like the average American, I suspect your blood sugar would go right back up, as well. That’s clearly not a cure and it’s dangerous when doctors call it that. Fortunately, you’re sensible and realize that it just doesn’t make sense.

      As for the hypoglycemia, I do know diabetics who were hypoglycemic in the early stages. Type 2 diabetics have an impaired insulin response and sometimes that results in the pancreas overshooting. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more likely this is to happen simply because carbohydrates require more insulin than protein and fat.

      The menopause could be playing a large role, too. Hormones absolutely affect blood sugar. I’m in my 20s and very much menstrual and my BGs are elevated for several days before and during my period. I absolutely hate waking up with fastings 15+ points higher than normal. I know some women who have had severe hypoglycemia during their periods.

      I’m not an expert, but my advice is that you still try to limit the carbohydrates to reduce the chance of reactive hypoglycemia and that you eat regularly throughout the day as you’re doing now. I hope that once the menopause passes, your blood sugar will level out a little more.

    How do I start eating healthier after a life full of junk?
    As far as I know I’ve been eating junk food all my life. I’m now 15 and It’s getting to a point where I know I need to change my eating habits. I don’t look fat on the outside but I know I’m doing lots of damage to my insides. I’m a pretty lazy person but I do play tennis twice a week and I see food as an easy treat which doesn’t require any effort, lately I have been having an apple as they don’t require much effort but I know this isn’t enough to help reverse the damage of 15 years of junk. A days worth of food will consist of maybe rice bubbles or ice-cream for breakfast, at recess at school I might have 4-5 biscuits a pack of chips and maybe an LCM. For lunch (if i have any food left) a couple of biscuits and after school i may have some more biscuits and some lollies and a fizzy drink. It’s also hard for me to eat healthy because I don’t like lots of veggies (mainly the green ones and lots of other ones) but i do like some fruits. I’m afraid that i will get diabetes and possible have heart problems which i really don’t want because one night my heart felt really bad and almost felt like it stopped and it really hurt and I don’t want it to happen again. Please give me some advise on what i can do to start eating healthier and reverse some of the effects that have been cause by my bad habits .Please help me before its to late.

    • ANSWER:
      start with an apple.Then try some vegs

    Why don’t more people realize that Chronic diseases can be prevented?
    I live on a mostly raw organic high-quality Vegan diet and I never get ill in any sense, so I for one feel that diet/lifestyle can do wonders. Over the past 30 years, incidents of type II Diabetes has tripled. Heart disease and type II Diabetes are almost always the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. It has been said that these diseases can be prevented and reversed through a very healthy diet and physical activity. Also many Cancers can be prevented in this way too. Why don’t more people realize the health and longevity effects of diet and lifestyle? Or do they just not care?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, many chronic diseases for which we have genetic predisposition can be delayed if not prevented. However, it is inaccurate to say that “chronic diseases can be prevented” because many of them cannot. For example, Type I diabetes, the autoimmune variety, is generally tripped by a viral infection and an autoimmune process destroys the beta cells in the pancreas, leaving the person with a permanent blood sugar regulation disorder and a bonafide requirement for insulin in order to survive. Dietary adjustment prior to onset will not prevent this illness.
      Some cancers may be prevented, (those not caused by viruses, Burkitt’s lymphoma, for example is triggered by a specific virus) and coronary artery disease may be prevented in most people without genetic hyperlipidemia syndromes, but cardiac arrhythmic disorders are not generally CAUSED by dietary choices.
      For the subgroup of those whose disorders could be helped by dietary adjustment or those with emphysema who continue to smoke, I have only one answer. Human beings develop habits which provide them comfort usually in patterns which begin in early life. It can be difficult to adjust these patterns from which the person derives comfort, even for a tangible and probable improvement in general health. Best wishes.

    Why don’t more people realize that Chronic diseases can be prevented by diet?
    I live on a mostly raw organic high-quality Vegan diet and I never get ill in any sense, so I for one feel that a high-quality Vegan diet/lifestyle can do wonders. Over the past 30 years, incidents of type II Diabetes has tripled. Heart disease and type II Diabetes are almost always the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. It has been said that these diseases can be prevented and reversed through a very healthy diet and physical activity. Also many Cancers can be prevented in this way too. Why don’t more people realize the health and longevity effects of diet and lifestyle instead of slowly killing themselves on processed chemical and fat ridden food? Or do they just not care?

    • ANSWER:
      The food they eat is addicting. When your addicted you look for anything to rationalize continuing your ways. A simple google search will give you tons of information on why humans need meat, and that we are hunters.

      We are not hunter. If so, we would be the only hunter without claws, without fangs, and without an intestinal track that is no more than 2 times our body length.

      We don’t have the enzyme to digest raw meat. Every single other carnivorous animal does.

      But again I can find loads more information against this than for it, because the food industries supply the research institutes.

      If you have the time, forget what you have heard about this book before, people are wrong about it just like they are wrong about diet.

      Read “Atlas Shrugged”, just “Book I”, and pay attention to what happens with rearden metal and the steel industry trying to stop reardon metal, “because it is good”.

      It is the greatest analogy in the history of literature. You will shake your head as you read it.

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    • ANSWER:
      The energy you expended doing this search would have been much more effective if you had expended the same amount of time exercising.

    If you are obese, and then loose weight, is there irreversible damage done, like with smoking?
    When a person quits smoking, they can do irreversible damage, and still live a shorter life span due to the years of their lives they spend as a smoker. I was wondering if the years of a persons life that they spend as overweight or obese have the same effect. Even if you loose the weight, can you still expect to have a shorter life span because of the years that you spend as overweight or obese, or does the damage reverse itself? I’m wondering because I spent my entire childhood overweight and obese, and now that I am in my twenties, I have finally begun to loose it. I want to know if, even at my age, I will die at a younger age than I otherwise would have, even though I never had any obesity related health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

    • ANSWER:
      i think the short answer is yes but the fact you are doing while you are young means that as you age you will not have the extra weight causing problems all your life, and they do get worse as you age, so i dont think the end of your life will be a lot shorter because of your teens, what you do from now on is more important than the past