Cured Of Diabetes Type 1

Type II Diabetes has turn out to be a bit of an epidemic of late. More and more people are being diagnosed with this potentially life threatening form. Type II Diabetes generally sets on later in life, even though more youthful people are being diagnosed each day with this condition. According to the American Diabetes Association, around 54 million people in the United States have pre diabetes. Pre diabetes is a form in that the blood glucose levels are higher than average but not high enough to be considered Type II diabetes. Even though pre diabetes is not a full fledged sickness, it can also set off complications in the heart and blood circulation if left untouched.

The good news regarding pre diabetes is that with right nourishment and the care of a physician, you can steer clear of being diagnosed with Type II diabetes. The condition can turn around itself, but it does take work on the part of the individual, as well as fulfillment with the instructions directed by your physician.

Obesity is also an epidemic in the United States and lots of in the medical community believe that this is contributing to the corresponding diabetic epidemic. It is the general consensus of the health community that heaviness is a precursor to Type II diabetes. So, those who have pre diabetes can stave off the ailment through making some good for your health life choices that will remove their need for pills or insulin in later years.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find arguments against an approaching Type 1 diabetes cure?
    I’m researching the possibility of cure for Type 1 diabetes, and my argument is that there will be a cure in the near future, if funding improves and if beta cell and immune research continues. This is for my AP research paper, and no, I’m not making others write it. Suprisingly, I can’t find a sufficient article arguing that a diabetes cure WON’T come soon, so i’m simply asking, does anyone know where I can find one? Any tips or sites are helpful, thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      …as much as I dislike the fact that you are asking yahoo-answers for an AP Essay….I’ll help you, my approach would be through stem-cell, maybe grow a healthy pancreas and have a transplant it in, and irradiate your immune system and transplant bone marrow

    What career path would you choose (starting with college) if you have dreams of one day curing Type 1 Diabetes?
    I’m an aspiring young high school student with big dreams. If my goal is to make an impact in diabetes research, where should I start?

    • ANSWER:

    Can the cord blood of an infant be used to cure or treat type 1 diabetes in the infant’s mother?
    My wife has type 1 diabetes. We are expecting our first child and have heard many of the wonderous medical miracles of cord blood. But can the cord blood be used by my wife to treat (or even cure) her type 1 diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      This is NOT one of the “miracles” of cord blood.

      There is some promising research into using stem cells to cure Type 1 diabetes, but that work is still in its infancy, So far, diabetes has been cured with stem cells in a few lab rats. [ADULT stem cells were used, not embryonic stem cells] It is a LONG journey from lab rats to humans! IF this proves effective in humans, the testing, clinical trials, and FDA approval for treatment is still 20-30 years away.

    What kind of experimental research is going on for the cure of diabetes type 1 (juvenile onset)?
    and what have the results been?
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    Atheist Bean – That is amazing.

    • ANSWER:
      All across the US and in Canada the National Institute of Health is working on transplanting Islet Cells, the cells that make insulin in the human body.
      I was involved in one of the clinical trials in Philadelphia. They were having great success in Philly. The doctors have already cured 3 people of type 1 diabetes. There are still many problems with islet transplantion that the doctors across the country are trying to solve by doing these clinical trials. The goal is to make type 1 diabetes a thing of the past.
      By the way, anyone interested in getting involved, like I was, google ‘islet transplant clinical trials’. They are still looking for people to cure. I unfortunately couldn’t go through with the transplant because of antigens from being pregnant.

    Do you think there will be a cure for type 1 diabetes by 2015?
    I really would like to join the Marines or Air Force but cant because of my fucking diabetes abd 2015 is when I graduate high school.

    • ANSWER:
      what??!! and let all that money go to waste on getting people better??

    Is there anyone out there who has cured him/herself of type 1 diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, there is no cure yet for Type 1 diabetes and you cann’t cure yourself, because your pancreas does not work anymore to produce the insulin your body needs, but research “Is Getting Closer”.If there was a cure now, I’m sure we would’ve hear about this “Great New Discovery”. It would be all over the news on tv and our doctors would’ve told us all about it.
      I have, hear on tv recently about something new that their working on that could help only Type 1 diabetics though.Keep Watching & Listening.

      Now Type 2 diabetics, their pancreas still produces insulin, but not effectively,they can totally “Control” their diabetes if they will become very ‘Disciplined” with their diet & daily exercise to manage their weight “Management”- Not really a Cure,because if they go back to their old bad eating habits & don’t exercise their blood sugars will sky-rocket. It’s like being in remission, but not a total cure.

    Is it possible diabetes type 1 to became diabetes type 2?
    I was wondering is it possible with some medicine or just of it’s one person who has type 1 to cure that or to turn into type 2 diabetes

    • ANSWER:
      No. If you are type 1, you will always be type 1. Same way with type 2. If you are type 2, you will always be type 2, although, you can become insulin dependent. This is what has happened to me, but I am still type 2.

    do u know about the new way for cure of diabetes type 1 for children has 7 years old?
    i looking for definite cure, not about control of diabeted type 1. please informe me for any vaccine or drug for definite cure. thankf

    • ANSWER:
      At this time, there IS NO DEFINITE CURE.

      But on the horizon are some new possibilities that are STILL in the animal testing stages.

      The first uses adult stem cells to regrow the Islet Cells in your pancreas that produce insulin. This has worked IN MICE — but is a LONG way from being given to humans. IF this proves effective in HUMANS, then a commercial treatment is still 15-20 years away.

      A Pancreas Transplant is a possibility, but is very very dangerous. Pancreas Transplant is the least effective of all the transplanted organ. Heart transplants easily live 10-15 years longer. Kidney transplants live 15-30 years longer.

      But pancreas transplant live only 5-7 years longer. In fact, more than 50% of the patients are dead within 5 years. Therefore, most doctors will NOT do a pancreas transplant unless the patient is going to die anyway. In this case, even a couple of years longer is better than nothing.

      But Type 1 Diabetes in a 7-year-old is EASILY treatable with insulin, diet, and exercise. NO doctor would recommend a transplant to an otherwise healthy patient!

      There are some other possibilities, but they are are even more unsure, and have MANY years of experiment to go through before humans can be involved.

      In the mean time, the 7-year-old needs to learn what CAN and CANNOT be eaten, and that the medication are KEEPING HER ALIVE, and without them shot she WILL die.

    Any major breakthroughs or hard research for Type 1 Diabetes?
    There has been many steps towards curing Type 2 Diabetes and caring/preventing it. Has there been any major research or giant steps towards Type 1 Diabetes I may have missed? The reason I’m concerned is my girlfriend is Type 1 Diabetic (heredity) and I hate to see her need to stop having fun because she has to go take insulin (she can’t use the automatic pump) and we can’t horse around that much because her level will drop very fast. I just want to know if there’s any chance of a giant leap to caring, maybe even CURING, type 1 that would be in her life. She is still very young.

    • ANSWER:
      the latest research is looking into implantation of stem cells in the pancreas of type 1 diabetics to see if they will become islet cells and produce insulin. It has worked in some animals, not in others.. the research is ongoing.

    What is the latest kind of medicines and the best cure for a diabetes type 1.?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no cure for diabetes at present however research is on the trail of one it seems.
      The latest treatment i know of is insulin pumps

    Will there ever be a permanent cure for type 1 diabetes?
    I’ve had it for so long twin has it too..
    I’m sick of it! It affects every part of my life..I feel so depressed.. will there ever be a permanent cure? permanent insulin? Something to wake those pancreas up????

    • ANSWER:
      I have heard that a resarch team out of Gainesville, FL is working on a project which uses lettuce! have found bits and pieces in its regard on the internet, but nothing new lately.

      Believe me! You sound just like me. I’ve had Type 1 for 40 years and would love to hear of a”cure” but, it isn ‘t on thehorizon quite yet.

      Keep your chin up. I’ll try to do the same.

    Why do doctors think that finding a cure for type 2 diabetes is more important then finding a cure for type 1?
    i had a doctor come in to my class today and non stop talk about how they were in pursuit of finding a cure for type 2 diabetes. Im of course glad to hear that, but what about type one. Ive had type one for about 10 years now and i havent heard about any new treatments other then stem cells, and the pump. why? type one is way worse then type 2

    • ANSWER:
      Type 2 affects a greater % of the population and is preventable. By educating people about t2 diabetes it is hoped that the rate of diagnoses and diabetes related complications will eventually go down. Type 1 on the other hand is unpreventable and affects a small amount of the population.

      On the plus side, many of the advancements for t1 have occurred because of the rise in t2. Improvements in glucose monitors, insulin etc are more profitable for companies to invest in if there is a large part of the population who needs them.

    Is a cure of Type 1 diabetes possible considering that the insulin-producing cells have been destroyed?

    • ANSWER:
      Depending how long you have had it there is a chance but since I do not know that you can read the info at the site below.


    Here in India, ETV Gujarati telecasted interview of Dr H L Trivedi on 15th August 2007.

    Click the link to see the news in detail:-

    On 17th, I contact his hospital TELEPHONICALLY & inquired about the availability of the treatment to Diabetics; especially about my 16 yr Juvenile Diabetic only Son*. A lady named Nalinibahen, replied on his behalf over the telephone that I may go to there in Ahmedabad during any Monday to Friday with prior appoint. On inquiry, She got confirmation that blood group of my son & of mine is equal. She told me about the procedure that on arrival, they, through minor surgery, collect a piece of fat from my stomack & let us leave the hospital for about 15 days. During these period, they will cultivate stem cells from it. When stem cells r ready from the fat, they will call us for treatment of my Juvenile/Type 1 Diabetic Son. She informed me over TELEPHONE that they will transplant the stem cell into lever of the patient. After that, the patient has to let admitted for about 1 month. On inquiry, she told me their charges, Rs. 1 Lac.



    Prakash Thakrar, India

    *You can see more about a DIABETIC SHOOTER by clicking this links :-

    • ANSWER:
      I personally think it is bunk!!!!! I don’t think that research has gone far enough to be able to do this. Do what you want. I will wait for the real researchers here to come up with something.

    Does Type 1 Diabetes have a cure?
    Some of us know Nick Jonas has Diabetes, and his song about theres a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. is that true is there a cure? cause i might get Diabetes and im not fat. im really skinny im 5 foot 3/93.8 pounds and im 12 years old until September 25 i turn 13.

    Im just really curious. and if you could, can you list everything you know about Type 1 Diabetes even the type of routine you have to go through to keep yourself from being sick of this.

    and can Type 1 Diabetes kill you?
    List everything and anything you know.

    • ANSWER:
      There is a cure for type one, it just hasn’t been ‘discovered’ yet. Dr. Denise Faustman is apparently very close. So close, in fact, that organizations that depend on us diabetics for their income, like the JDRF, and various pharmaceutical companies, won’t fund her research because it might put them out of business. See source:

    has anyone heard of any latest news on the cure of type 1 diabetes?
    please give me some hope…

    • ANSWER:

    Is this a good introductory paragraph to a Type 1 Diabetes research paper?
    “I’m sorry to say, but you have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.” Upon hearing such a statement, children may become extremely frightened of their novel disease. “Am I going to die?” is often the first asked inquiry. What may be the most puzzling aspect of diabetes, though, are its quintessential causes and risks. A flurry of miscomprehension- from not only their selves, but also friends- leaves children disconsolate and outcast; approximately three million Americans will agree (JDRF). Despite ongoing research, a cure for type 1 diabetes has not yet been discovered. Assisted by proper research and a plethora of optimism, though, and victims can easily lead a happy, healthy life.

    Thank you very much! Any and all opinions are much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, leave out the words “I’m sorry”

    Does Anyone know of a cure for Juvenile Onset Type 1 Diabetes?
    I’m desperate for a sure cure!

    • ANSWER:
      no there is no cure but i 2 was a type one diabetic but my kidneys failed after 26 years and i had a kidney and pancreas transplant and i am longer a diabetic. it is a hard way to get cured but at least i am sttill alive.

    anyone heard of any cure for type 1 diabetes (yeh aside from insulin)?
    any promising researches or possible soon to be cures?

    • ANSWER:
      Well you can get a full pancreatic transplant (which is normally done as well as a kidney transplant) or you can get an Islet Cell/Stem Cell transplant, but none of these are really mainstream as of yet. They all require drugs that would suppress the immune system so the organs/cells wouldn’t be rejected. In years to come they’re hoping to be able to cure it by the islet/stem cell transplant where the cells would be coated with Teflon or the like so the immune system couldn’t destroy them, but this is a few years away.

      Hope I helped :)

    Why did I have to get Diabetes? (Type 1)?
    It’s coming up to my second anniversary of having it and I’m well pissed off about it.. If gods real, he can f****** cure it for me! ****head! If god is real then why choose me? Why not some bad bad person like a rapist? I’m just a 14 year old kid! And why is the government spending money on AIDS and Diabetes Type II cure research? I only know of two charities for Juvenile Diabetes, JDRF and my local hospital.. Stupid government spending money to cure fat people, it’s more or less their own fault they got type two for getting overweight but type 1 isn’t a lifestyle driven disease, it just happens.. We need a cure. If it’s all about the money then the government and doctors better rip up the Hypocratic Oath.
    No I didn’t get it genetically because NO ONE in my WHOLE family has EVER had ANY sort of DIABETES!!!
    Probably was your mums fault! Do you know what it’s like to take injections 4 times a day for the rest of your life until some supposed cure decides to appear? No you don’t. I’d rather speak to someone with a condition the same as mine but unfortunately I don’t know anyone which is why I’m on here so you can go away.
    I respect others! But I don’t respect rich wealthy people who get overweight and end up with type 2 because they should of dieted or exercised! And I don’t deserve the money for a cure? You are a sick twisted person. Rot. In. Hell. When I win the lottery, every single person with juvenile diabetes mellitus shall be cured! That, is assured!
    Nicholas, typically, do they have bigger waists than average?
    Nicholas I am thinking of trying to Acquire an Omnipod but they are only in the USA and are really expensive :(
    Thanks for understanding Nicholas :)

    • ANSWER:
      I understand and FEEL you COMPLETELY. I am 21 and I have had type 1 for 12 years and I am outraged with the money that pretty much goes NO WHERE for a cure. There are 40 kids every day that become diagnosed with diabetes. If you take the 40 kids a day, and mutiply that by a month (30 days) that is 120 KIDS A MONTH! There are so many factors as to what can trigger and cause the development of Diabetes. It can be environmental, medicines that your mother took while she was pregnant, the food you have eaten throughout your life, the type of sounds that enter your ears, its F******* crazy! So after over 40 years of teh JDRF foudation researching, WHY IS THERE NO CURE YET! Because the government is restricting their ability to reserach SO MUCH and they will never find a cure. So, i just pay the hundreds of dollars for my insulin and my pump supplies and hope that someday I can find the cure and help every child and adult out there suffering just like us.

    what is latest progress in permenant cure of type 1 diabetes to set free from insulin injection?
    I mean the progress which will be available soon not the semi succesful tests on mice.
    It is shocking that companies won’t like to find a permanent cure because they will lose a lot of money .As of diabetes I spent 200 USD per month for insulin, test strip drug ,routine check up.
    and I think if 1% of world population are diabetic type 1, they should pay 200 bilion USD for their treatment yearly(consider the expenses of diabetes complications).of coure the figures are not precise.but do the companies involving in diabetes equipment are willing to lose their benefit?.Why our destiny should be depedent of the profit of companies .Is it humanistic?

    • ANSWER:
      I have no evidence of this but it makes sense. There may be a few groups with inappropriate funding to find a cure. We have the Dex-com which has the ability to take thousands of sugar readings a day, it is very inaccurate. It id good for showing if your sugar is in the rise or fall. If a couple of million were given to scientist I’ll bet they could have that Dexcom giving accurate readings all the time and with that you could hook it up to your pump and when your reading is over 150mg/dl (8.25mmol/l) your pump injects 1/2 a unit. This will be where the cure will come from because if Pfizer can afford to lose 2 billion dollars on inhaled insulin that tells me they have a lot of power and a cure would put a lot of companies out of business, we’ll just keep the diabetic just the way the are. I would be quite surprised if a cure for diabetes was made and tested someone who would lose a lot of money would make sure the device does not make it on the market. Novo Nordick were just found to have been paying pharmacists to recommend their insulin. If they are that greedy what do you think they would do if they were threatened with a cure (although they would be a company that would survive), squash with no remorse. Greed disgust me more than cigarettes, and drug companies are greedy.

    This is really depressing.. my mom has diabetes Type 1 which is un cure able and..?
    my mother has diabetes type 1. im a 13 year old girl, the only child. with a father who has a bad temper.
    it kills me to see my mom half dead every night. and she does so much for me and i cant do anything for her. i still try my best by not stressing her a all, try to do all my work on time and help her in the house hold stuff. she has a habit of taking little things to her heart and thats the reason she got diabetes. as diabetes occurs because of stress. i have my own life problems, and then no siblings, a father who loves us but gets a little hot tempered at times, and a mother who is SO UNWELL. i really dont know what to do. this does not let me consentrate on my studies n stuff. i dont know what to do. theres not a day that i dont cry thinking of all this, Im just 13 n ive got so many responsibilities, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. im crying even while writing this. please, help.

    • ANSWER:
      Honey, your mom didn’t get Type 1 diabetes from stress. Type 1 diabetes is caused because the body’s immune system kills the beta cells in the pancreas. Beta cells make insulin so the body can not manufacture it’s own insulin. Many experts think that there is a genetic tendency and that some environmental factors increase the risk of developing the disease.
      What your mother needs to do is keep her blood sugar under control. She must follow a diabetic diet and test her blood sugar and take insulin as her doctor prescribes. I know that you are worried sick about your mom because of all the horror stories that you hear about diabetics dieing at an early age or having severe health problems, but all of this can be avoided if she controls her blood sugar,
      You can help her. I know at 13 a lot is going on in your life with school, friends, family life, but little things like keeping your room picked up, offering to help with laundry, dishes, and meal preparation will go a long ways toward relieving some stress off your mom.
      Let me tell you a story that may help ease your worries. I am 58 years old and my own mother was diagnosed at age 10 (in 1935) with diabetes. She has taken insulin since that time and she raised 3 children and my own father was no picnic to live with either. My mom was not expected to live beyond her 30′s. Well, I just saw her this weekend. She is 85 years old, but still living in her own home and her health issues have nothing to do with her diabetes, BUT she stuck to the diabetic diet religiously all her life.
      You are dealing with a lot for a 13 year old. You might try talking to your mom about your feelings or maybe even a school counselor.
      Good luck.

    Is there any breakthrough in finding permanent cure for ‘Type-1′ diabetes?.?
    I want my 7 years old son to get permanent remedy from ‘Type-1′ diabetes at the earliest. Are transplantations working? I am willing to give my pancreas to him. What is the status of stem cell research on treating diabetes ?

    • ANSWER:
      I wish there were, but I have not heard of any. The best news I have heard about Type I is the inhaled insulin trials. As for transplants, frankly, they don’t do them until the diabetic is so near death that not doing them would mean certain death. The reason is that taking the anti-rejection drugs is more dangerous than being a well-controlled diabetic.

      I do want to warn you about something. I was diagnosed as a Type I just before my fifth birthday and am now nearing my fourth decade. I was totally uncontrolled as a child, teen, and young adult. I was 24 before I finally got serious about it. I have 0 complications at this point, low blood pressure, low cholesterol (I do not exercise regularly but I do eat well) and my A1Cs have been in the “non-diabetic” range for over 10 years (like 4.5 to 6). My two, healthy children, were born at 6 lbs 9ozs and 6 lbs 12 ozs (I am female).

      Don’t burden your son by telling him how great a cure will be. I remember how often people told me that while I was growing up. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I had diabetes and that diabetes would be the reason I could not accomplish things. Fortunately, I “accidentally” found some great literature and accomplishments by Type Is. There are lots of famous people with Type I who have accomplished many things.

      Life can be great with Type I. Sucks your son got it, but it does not have him. Show him how, once he makes taking care of himself a part of his life, it is an easy one if not one just like everyone elses (he should take pride in what he does to take care of himself). Now that I just automatically check my glucose, determine my level of activity, and base my food choices on how I doing that day, it feels strange to me that non-diabetics don’t do this and complain so bitterly about being told not to overeat. I don’t even need to check a books anymore, I know how carbs and fats affect my life off the top of my head.

      Of course, I want a cure. But, I am just fine and dandy without one. So, baring a cure, the best wish I can make for your son is that he focus on learning about the disease and how it functions in his body so that he can do all he wants to do in life.

    Will type 1 diabetes be never cureable in future..?
    My girlfriend is suffering from diabetes type 1 for 19 years. she is 22 now.She takes 2 shots daily. Now she is taking less amount of insulin. her doctor says that she may be improving. Is there any possibility to grow up Beta Cell in her pancreus.? is there anybody in this world who got cured surprisingly from this disesase….?

    • ANSWER:
      She will be able to get rid of the diabetes with these exercises.Thank you for looking after her and searching for answers.
      These pranayam exercises will help control the diabetes and the side effects.Build up the timing gradually.If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume later.The benefits will be noticed in weeks as the sugar level is checked daily.Over the long tern the diabetes will be in full control and the medicine can be reduced in consultation with the doctor.
      Anulom Vilom –
      Close your right nostril with thumb and deep breath-in through left nostril
      then – close left nostril with two fingers and breath-out through right nostril
      then -keeping the left nostril closed deep breath-in through right nostril
      then – close your right nostril with thumb and breath-out through left nostril.
      This is one cycle of anulom vilom.
      Repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day(maximum 60 minutes in one day).
      You can do this before breakfast/lunch/dinner or before bedtime or in bed.Remember to take deep long breaths into the lungs.You can do this while sitting on floor or chair or lying in bed.

      Kapalbhati -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day.(Max 60 min/day) Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

      Also everyday press the centre point of the palm of your hand 40 times with the thumb and press the tips of all fingers 40 times each.

    Poll: Would you rather have Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes and why? (No neither)?
    I would rather have type 1. My rational is that they’re in the stages of human testing for a cure, and if I have Type 1 (I find out Tuesday) then I can get on the medicine and get rid of diabetes. A cure for Type 2 is years, maybe decades away…even if there is one out there.

    And “Neither” isn’t an option. If you had a choice between which type of diabetes you have…which one would you choose?

    And yes, there is a cure on the way for Type 1

    • ANSWER:

    I recently heard of a hospital in Madras, India that has developed a cure for diabetes. How can I contact them?
    This hospital claims to have a cure for diabetes type 1. I would like to email or call the hospital but do not have an address or any means of communication with them. Has any1 else heard of this hospital? How can I contact them? – Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      If there was a cure for diabetes, it would make the news worldwide.
      You would never have to call a researcher yourself.

    Estimated time for a cure for type 1 (juvinal) diabetes?
    Im scared i might have it but im not sure and i just want to know the estimated time and mabe other facts, Im 14 and my dad has this and ive been peeing all the time lately like every 15 minnutes and 3 times a night but im not thirsty or tired or any other symptoms. Exept this morning i vomited this weird green and black substance that looked like coffee grounds but i thiks all that is bc of the 1200 mg of ibuprofen i take a day bc ive been to the doc and he found no sugar in my urine so he checked my prostate and he thought it was inflamed so he gave me ibuprofen. But please give me an estimated time on the cure based on how research is going. Thanks :) im realy scared:(

    • ANSWER:
      Well my little brother was diagnoses with type one. He had the same symptoms, he kept peeing like every 15-30 min. This is because the body is trying to get rid of blood sugar. He was never thirsty, or hungry. When we went to a neighbor who was a nurse, she said stick out your tongue, so he did, and he had a white “film” on his tongue. Then our neighbor said to take him to the ER. My little brother had these symptoms from about a week until he went to the hospital. His crab count was 800, 700 more than needed. If I were you, go to the ER, and tell them all of your symptoms, and ask about diabetes. Sadly, there is no cure for type one Diabetes yet. But if you do have type one, and you do not seek medical care soon, you could go into a diabetic coma, this is when your body has to high of levels of carbs, so you go into a coma. the only way to be revived is by a glucagun. It is this big shot to bring down carb levels fast. So go to the ER asap. and until you get there, drink LOTS of water, this brings down carb levels, and eat low carb items. Also check your carb count by using your dad’s meter, he should know how to do that.

    I need help with my diabetes type 1 and my psoriasis!!!!!!?
    Ok my father has type 1 diabetes and psoriasis very badly on his back, head, and underarms. He was taking some kind of diabetic Medication called Avandia 8mg., we believe thats what it was called. He has switched doctors and the one he has now wont prescribe him that medication because it is not yet proven to help with psoriasis. But I have took it before and it made my psoriasis go away pretty much completly. Do you know of any kind of medication that is proven to work for severe psoriasis. I would prefer a site that has Avandia for a decent price. Also has anyone else tried this medication or know anyone that has, if so what was the results/side affects. Serious answers only please!
    Also if possible do you know of a site that takes medicaid insurance located in Bristol Virginia for Avandia or any other medication that is proven to cure psoriasis.

    • ANSWER:
      I had a rash over my knees, elbows and ankle bones that the doctor said was psoraisis. It did not respond to psoraisis medications that were prescribed. It did go away completely when my blood sugar control improved. I did not take Avandia though. I was prescribed Novolog and Lantus insulins for my diabetes. Perhaps it was just the fact that improved blood sugar control helped the rash resolve.

    does oral insulin pills exist for those who have TYPE 1 diabetes?
    also, if taking the insulin daily does it neccessarily cure the symptoms of dehydration and frequent urination?

    • ANSWER:
      No, the digestive system would destroy the insulin and render it ineffective.

      Maintaining healthy blood glucose levels does appease the symptoms of diabetes, yes.

    Cures for type 2 Diabetes?
    I’m doing school homework. What research is being done into cures for diabetes? I’ve done one of type 1 diabetes.. But what methods are there to ‘cure’ or help treat type 2 Diabetes? I’ve been googling, but so far… hardly anything is helping me :/ Any help/Knowledge is helpful

    • ANSWER:
      Type 1 Diabetes is caused by the failure of an internal organ called the PANCREAS. The pancreas make insulin, and when the pancreas fails you become diabetic. At this time, there is NO CURE for Type 1 Diabetes. It is TREATED by taking insulin injection to replace the insulin that the pancreas no longer makes.

      Type 2 Diabetes is a LIFESTYLE disease. It is caused by being overweight. When this happens, the pancreas is STILL WORKING (probably normally), but you have “too much body” for the amount of insulin produced.

      The treatment for Type 2 Diabetes is simple: Eat less, exercises more, and lose weight. Until the patient is entirely successful t this, they may need various medication, adn even insulin injections. But once the Type 2 Diabetic gets their body weight and diet under control, the symptoms of diabetes will go away.

      THERE IS NO CURE FOR TYPE 2 DIABETES!! It can be CONTROLLED, but if the patient reverts back to their old lazy, eat-anything habits, they will gain weight and the diabetes will return

    Could I really have Type 1 Diabetes?
    About 3 weeks ago, I went to my primary doctor because I had what I believed to be a sinus infection, my heart beat was also pretty fast, as well as my respiratory rate. When I got there, they did my vitals, and said my heart beat was 150. They checked my lungs and said I sounded a little stuffy, and that I needed to have x-rays done. Before I went downstairs, my doctor decided to take my blood sugar, which at the time, was 112 (keep in mind I was sick, which raises blood sugar levels at times.) I went downstairs, where I found that I couldn’t manage to breathe anymore. I went back up stairs, where they rushed me to the emergency room.

    By the time I got settled in and the nurses checked my blood sugar again, it was 409. At 1:30pm, I was 112, not a diabetic; at 4pm, I was 409, and a diabetic. I hadn’t eaten or drank anything between 1pm and 4pm and I had been walking from the x-ray room back to my primary’s office. I asked the nurses/doctors why that was, and they had absolutely no answer/reason for how it happened. They simply told me that I was a Type 1 Diabetic (the first time I was ever diagnosed) and left the room.

    They transported me to another hospital, where I met with an endocrinologist who believed I had diabetes for months as of then. The thing was, I had absolutely no symptoms once so ever, no extreme thirst, or constant need to go to the bathroom. I had felt fine up to that point – other than my runny nose and headache – and had no idea I was a diabetic in the least bit.

    I’m home now, and have been injecting myself with insulin ever since. So far, my blood sugars have remained in the low 80′s to the mid 60′s. I have yet to go over 300, and I have barely even touched the 200′s. They have reduced my insulin intake twice already, and have started me on vitamin D as well as Zinc, mainly because when they did blood work, it showed that my immune system was very low. Unfortunately, none of the specialists hold any hope of me ever growing out of this disease, or simply curing it. They tell me it will be a constant part of the rest of my life, and that I will have to manage it.

    Against what they have said, there has to be a way. From what I know, my case is pretty special. Most people have either had symptoms, or have the disease running in the family, neither of which I have. I am only 15 years old, I am a juvenile, and at one point I was around 15 pounds overweight. I dropped that weight conditioning for winter track, – healthy diet, rigorous exercise – over about a 2 month period. Before that day 3 weeks ago, I was healthy, happy, and enjoying life. Now, I can hardly stand behind the three of those things. Against what many people say, diabetes does shape your life, even if you don’t let it. You are forced to stick to a strict regimen, count your food constantly, prick your fingers without mercy, and inject yourself. This is not the life I want to live, in fact, no diabetic wants to live this way.

    So, now that you have a summary of my situation, is there the possibility that I don’t have diabetes Type 1? Could it be something else? If so, what? Are there any known remedies that can jumpstart the pancreas or maybe help it along? (I am currently in the honeymoon phase.) Also, can your pituitary gland have anything to do with shutting your pancreas down, or perhaps restricting its growth compared to the rest of your body? What about hormones in general?

    Thank you so much for reading my question! =)
    And for you other diabetics, don’t give up hope!
    Also, my period has been out of whack as well. First, it started coming late, then it came whenever it pleased, now I haven’t gotten it at all. This has to be hormones right?

    When I first got it 3 years back, it came on a regular schedule (like the 5th of every month.) That lasted up until about 4 months ago. Could this have anything to do with it?

    • ANSWER:
      A reading of 400 is definitely diabetic. The onset combined with your age distinctly point to type 1 diabetes. The reason why you might need less insulin now that you’re stabilized is that you’re still honeymooning- which means your body is still producing a tiny amount of insulin. That production will die off however within a few weeks to a few months.

      You can ask your endocrinologist if you qualify to join the studies of investigational drugs trying to extend the honeymooning period in t1s. However, those will only extend the amount of time you produce SOME insulin- not forever, and they wont ever make you produce enough insulin to not need injections, merely lengthen the amount of time your remaining beta cells take to die.

      There’s nothing else you can do but face the fact that you are a t1 diabetic and that you are going to live with this forever. You don’t need to follow a restricted diet, but you do need to count carbs, inject, and test.

      Eventually, this is going to become a part of your life and you wont use such overly dramatic words like ‘mercilessly’ having to test your bg. What would be merciless is if you were diagnosed before bg meters and insulins existed: you’d have weeks or months to live and then you’d die. Good thing we have those merciless treatments, eh?

      Talk to your endo about seeing a CDE to learn more about your diabetes, as well as options that can make living with diabetes easier, like using an injection port or an insulin pump, and a CGMS.

      This is your reality now. There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. You are not a ‘special’ case, you are not the exception. Coming to terms with that and learning how to take care of yourself is the part that matters. Grasping at straws will get you nowhere.

    is thei a cure for diabetes type3 also known as type 1.5?
    the so called “type 3 diabetes refers to lower than normal levels of newly discovered brain insulin, which appears to be associated with alzheimers disease in some way .

    • ANSWER:
      I pulled this off the internet, yes I know it seems a little lame to cut and paste. However, I have never heard of these conditions before. Please see the cut and paste below…maybe this can answer some questions for you!

      As for the other persons answer “get your facts straight”; I would like to comment on that. I think that was completely uneccessary to attack someone in a verbal manner such as you did. She was asking a questions, have a little more manners and try to make this and enjoyable visit for the YA! community.

      Other “Types” of Diabetes


      You may encounter some other “type” names to describe some less common forms of diabetes. Although the American Diabetes Association does not use or endorse these terms, they are defined here because you may run across them in other sources of information.

      Latent Autoimmune Diabetes of Adults, or LADA, is sometimes referred to as “type 1.5 diabetes.” LADA is similar to type 1 diabetes because it involves an autoimmune destruction of the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. It usually begins in adulthood and progresses more slowly than type 1 diabetes, but people with LADA do eventually require insulin.

      “Type 3 diabetes” has recently been used to describe a defect in insulin levels in the brain that may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Type 3 diabetes has also been used to describe the fact that some people with type 1 diabetes become insulin resistant over time, which is usually associated with type 2 diabetes. These patients may benefit from adding an oral medication that improves insulin sensitivity to their regular insulin treatment.

      Because these are no standard definitions for these terms, they are sometimes used to describe other conditions. Some people have also used “type 3 diabetes” to describe someone with type 1 diabetes who also shows signs of increased insulin resistance, which is the hallmark of type 2 diabetes. Others have also called this “double diabetes.” Some physicians believe that these patients may benefit from insulin-sensitizing drugs, which usually are not given to patients with type 1 diabetes.

    Ways to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes!!!!!!?
    Hi guys im 13 years old and me my best friend and my mom all have type 1 diabetes. We are all going to try to raise over ,000 this summer to donate to JDRF (Juvineale Diabetes Reaserch Foundation) We have already decided we are going to go door to door and have lemonade stands and send emails out to people but what else can we do to help reach our goal thanks so much for ur help and some day soon hopefully there will be a cure for type 1 diabetes

    type 1 diabetes is out of our control. u can be big or little and still have type 1 diabetes. innocent people everyday get diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and it is mainly people who are 18 or younger. Type 2 diabetes is when people have problems converting food into energy and people develop type 2 diabetes is when your fat does not se ur insulin properly

    • ANSWER:
      In the past I’ve worked with Diabetes Society of the Santa Clara Valley as their Outreach Chairman for about 3 years. I’ve had Type 1 Diabetes since 1974.

      You might consider contacting a local diabetes support group in your area, they might be able to help you with printed information that you would be able to give to people.

    i have one son type 1 and now i might have a 2 yr old and 11 yr old right now with prediabetes til we go to Dr
    how common is it to have more then one child with type 1 I have a 2 yr old and 11 yr old who goes to the Endocrinology the end of the month. it’s hard to wait to brick her little finger and have to wait that long to take them to the Dr. my nerves are a wreck waiting. There BS were 155-125 that was blood drawn . I have been checking them and noone have been over 125 so far and my son 11 has been having normal ranges or the meter reading low. Please let me know if you have any sites on more then one sibling in the same family having type 1 diabetes. Thanks and all I do is Pray and hope thay come up with a cure for type 1 my oldest has had it since 4 th grade and now is in 10 th your all in my prayers.

    • ANSWER:
      I am a type 1 diabetic and I was diagnoised as an adult (at 29) I asked my endocrinoligist and my childrens doctor about the likely hood of my kids getting it. I was told that type 1 there is a 3 – 5 % chance and if I were type 2 then the odds jump to 30 +%. But I do have friends that have more then 1 type 1 in their family. And I have read stories about siblings having it in diabetic magazines. Good luck

    Why do people of Ethnic backgrounds have higher risk of diabetes? Please see below?
    The Canadian Diabetes Association states on their website that the “high risk population” are those of “Aboriginal, Hispanic, Asian, South Asian, or African descent.”
    Why do people of these backgrounds have higher risks of diabetes?
    In your opinion, do you think diabetes (type 1 or 2) will be cured in the next 15 years?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, people of non-white ethnicity have a higher risk for Type 2 diabetes.

      White people have a higher risk for Type 1 diabetes. The highest incidence of Type 1 diabetes is in Finland.

      I don’t know why people of ethnic backgrounds have a higher risk for Type 2, but it does go to show that many of the main risk factors for Type 2 are unchangeable, and hence it is not something that can actually be prevented.

    What do you hate the most about having Type 1 Diabetes?
    What I hate, is that when they talk about diabetes in a commercial or on the news, they don’t always say which kind it is. A lot of people get confused and think that all diabetes is the same. I would hate it if someone thought that I did this to myself by being overweight or eating improperly. Because it isn’t my fault and I think people should know that. Also, some people think you’re going to get better, but there’s no cure. And some people don’t understand how life threatening it can be. A severe high or low can put you in a coma, and high numbers long-term can have bad complications. I think that people should make sure everyone knows what Type 1 Diabetes is, and all of the symptoms and risks.

    • ANSWER:
      I hate that I can’t imagine life without T1. It has been so long and I don’t think they will ever cure it, but if they do I honestly don’t know what I will do with all of my free time. I’d kind of like a name change… but don’t know what i’d call T1 other than diabetes.

      That said…

      Treatment has gotten amazingly better over the past 20 years or so. I can’t complain. I used to hate having to live on a tight schedule and needing to eat a ton of carbs at dinner even if I didn’t want a ton of carbs at dinner… BUT I don’t have to do that anymore.

      I hate ignorant people as much as anyone else, but they don’t bother me anymore. The answer to “should you be eating that” is “I just took ___ amount of insulin to eat this. (or my blood sugar is __ depending on the situation) Unless you know what that means or are prepared to be scraping me off the floor in a few minutes when I pass out from a low blood sugar — leave me alone.” (or if the person is overweight themselves, “Yes, but should YOU be eating THAT?”)

      The answer to “aren’t you too old / young / thin / healthy to have diabetes?” is: apparently not. (or if they ask how young / thin I am it is fun to state that I’ve had it since i was 8 / since I weighed 80 pounds).

    Muslims, if pigs are unclean, than why did “Allah” put a cure for diabetes in them?!?
    “Pigs from a remote group of islands could hold the key to treating diabetes, doctors believe.” – Daily Telegraph, Experimental diabetes treatment will inject humans with pig cells.

    “A company trialling an effective cure for type 1 diabetes has provided a clear safety and tolerance review. The company, based in New Zealand, has found a way to transplant functional pig cells that produce insulin into humans.” –, Pig cells and potential diabetes cure found to be safe for humans.

    Muslims, pigs (which you regard as being ‘unclean’) hold a key to cure diabetes according to latest medical research, so why did Allah and Muhammad prohibit pigs for consumption and even medical use (I’ll discuss that below) despite Southern-Asians and Mid-easterns – which many are Muslims -are more exposed to Diabetes compared to people of the west? Surely, the Qu’ran promoting the use of medicines and a God who sees the future would of put this cure in a clean animal such as a lamb or cow than ofcourse a un-clean animal like a pig?

    I also read something similar regarding this on a Islamic website and they said it’s still un-permissible to use “haram” stuff in medications. According to one of many quotes from the Hadith they’ve put, Muhammad said, “seek medication, O servants of Allah, for Allah never created an illness without creating a cure for it” and “Allah does not put your cure in that which He has forbidden for you.” Again, that raises a question what’s begging an answer if you regard this issue.

    So Muslims, how’d you respond to this and what do you think of it O.o?!


    Dream I’m a Muslim – I see your point but what you what you’re saying still fails to convince me. So what?! That’s in their nature to roll around in their crap. From my point of view, your Allah – being the creator of everything including pigs – creates something, puts something beneficial in it that CAN cure a serious disease and then says it’s haram… wow… Just wow =|!
    Dream I’m a Muslim – I see your point but what you what you’re saying still fails to convince me. So what?! That’s in their nature to roll around in their crap. From my point of view, your Allah – being the creator of everything including pigs – creates something, puts something beneficial in it that CAN cure a serious disease and then brings down a prophet to says it’s haram… wow… Just wow =|!

    Shape-shifter – I’m not talking about ancient times; I’m talking about our present times ¬¬!
    Um Huda – can’t you see the point in my question? I’m not talking about the consumption of pork; I’m talking about the diabetes cure that has been found in pigs. On what you’re saying, however, I think the consumption of pork taken in moderation is perfectly safe. If there was a hazard because of the consumption of pork, I’m sure there would of had a health hazard regarding pork by now in England since it’s a popular food over here.
    Alice – No, I’m not a “moron who’s just hating on Muslims.” I have Muslims friends who I get along with who understands my views against Islam and I also understand their views that’s against Christianity. This is just a question that I want to see how Muslims respond to since they believe Pork cannot be beneficial when according to Medical Science it is. That’s all.

    Carry on hating Christians if you want to. Actually, if that’s the case, you’re as bad as me and infact more bad than me since you’re criticizing and judging people of some religion rather than criticizing and judging the religion of some people.
    Sweet as Strawberry – “Seriously get real. Your stupidity is stunning, I for one know I’m not like you , I’m Better than you!”

    “If you want eat Pork, then eat it! I’m glad I don’t eat food that was considered food for the poor a century ago!”

    Wow! Somebody seems full of themselves today ¬¬! Anyways, you’re just repeating what “Dream I’m a Muslim” said! I know that it’s still in the process but Medical Scientists and Doctors have been doing this research on pigs for almost a decade (fact!), so their must be something to it since it’s been going on for that long which is acceptable to put into consideration; plus, you being the son of a doctor and a intelligent teen, I’m sure you know that Insulin that’s used for treating people with type 1 diabetes is the one that comes from pigs.

    “So their might be Alternative for Muslims and Others who don’t eat pork!”… it’s better to use the latter than the former O.o?! Wow…. just wow!
    Dream I’m a Muslim – you keep saying that! I’m talking about the cure for diabetes what’s found in pigs; not eating pigs. Looks can be deceiving, so don’t try and like their not.

    • ANSWER:
      Too bad Mohammad believed in having sex with little girls but didn’t want anyone eating ham.

    What exactly is insulin, how is it made, and…?
    why is there so way to substitute it with another substance for the treatment of type 1?

    I’m ultimately curious about alternate methods of treating and/or curing type 1 diabetes and this is just ground work to familiarize myself with the topic. Please provide anything you can. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It’s a hormone that normally is produced in your pancreas. It is part of a system that regulates your metabolism.

      Type 1 diabetes results from the death of the cells that normally would produce insulin.

      The only cure—not yet discovered—would be some therapy that would (a) make those cells grow back, and (b) prevent the new cells from dying off for the same reason.

    Is Type 2 giving Type 1 a bad name?
    I strongly believe that type 1 and type 2 diabetes should have different names, i.e. not both referred to as “diabetes”. Type 1 diabetes suffers due to it’s sharing it’s name with type2.

    Type 1 diabetes is genetic, and it is not brought on by something the sufferer did. It was out of his/her hands and they did nothing to cause the illness.

    Some will argue that type 2 diabetes is also genetic, but we all know, and it cannot be denied, that type 2 is avoidable. The reason that sufferers get type2 diabetes is 99% down to their lifestyle. They didn’t have to get it, unlike the type 1 sufferer who had no say. Even in the UK alone, a new case of type2 diabetes is diagnosed every 13 seconds and it’s due to obesity, smoking, eating too many fatty foods and generally lifestyle choices.

    The vast majority of books dedicated to diabetes are about how to avoid getting it, which is unfair to the type 1 sufferers as they cannot avoid it.

    Because 90%+ sufferers have type 2, it takes away from funding in type 1 and finding a cure. The two illnesses should not have the same name. Type 1 is unavoidable and we need to tackle and research the causes, whereas type 2 could always have been avoided. It’s sad for type1 sufferers because all of the media reports talk about how diabetes is linked to obesity and it’s not true for type 1, which I think of as true diabetes. Type 1 sufferers must be sick of people thinking they have it because of poor lifestyles.

    Type 2 is giving diabetes a bad name and image in society. Type2 should keep the term “diabetes” as they have stigmatised it and type1 should get a new name. They are not the same!
    I am soooo not alone Just found the following web page:

    Shocking how similar the views are to mine

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you, but only that type 2 diabetes should have a different name. Even people who have absolutely no genetic family history of diabetes can get type 1 diabetes. ALL of the type 1 diabetics I have talked to either face to face or online had some kind of viral infection, often with a high fever for several days, before they were diagnosed. For those who want to give my response a thumbs down, you honestly don’t know what you are talking about. Type 2 definitely can be genetic. Type 1 may not be, although if there is a genetic predisposition for type 2 diabetes because of racial heritage, like Native American Indian blood, you may be more susceptible to developing type 1 if you get a viral infection. I had roseola, a strep infection, when a 1 year and 8 months old. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 26 months old in May, 1955. A young adult who was diagnosed with type 1 in her 20′s had had pneumonia. Two brother’s had chicken pox before they were diagnosed. I suspect Mary Tyler Moore also had some type of viral infection before she was diagnosed in 1969. I also believe that type 1 diabetes is NOT a “conventional” auto-immune disease, as the paradigm for the last 25 years or so claims. Have your EVER heard of a type 1 diabetic going into remission where they need significantly less insulin for weeks or months, discounting the effects that male or female hormone cycles can have? I haven’t, but there very well may be gaps in my knowledge that I am not aware of. I didn’t know until September 1 this year that Type 1 diabetics can become insulin resistant. I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for almost 55.5 years, long before there WAS a type 1 and type 2. Even though I am now taking two shots of Levimer and 4 shots of Novolog a day, all of my doses are less than 10 units. The nursing home I was in for 3 months was giving me 18 units of Levimer twice a day, and they couldn’t figure why my BS was dropping into the 40′s (mg/dcl) around 4 am after the midnight to 2 am dose of Levimer. Then they forgot to give me ANY Levimer for two or three days. Of course I was throwing up at meals (fortunately I was eating in my room most of the time) because my blood sugar was in the 400′s and 500′s. The doctor, who specialized in respiratory problems ( I had double pneumonia when I was admitted to the hospital), and the physician’s assistant ( who owned the nursing home along with his wife) had me on Glucophage and Januvia , oral medications for type 2 diabetes as well. Glucophage is for insulin resistant type 2. My “sister” in New Orleans who is an M.D. and is now a type 2, takes Glucophage (and Avendia. Yikes!) The nursing home didn’t put me on a diabetic feeding formula until I threatened to make a big stink about it. Thank goodness the one excellent night shift LPN told me that it wasn’t a diabetic formula..

      Sorry. I’m letting off steam. I was released from the nursing home on May 9. I know MANY medical personnel, including M.D.s, do not realize that type 1 and type 2 are almost two different diseases. Then there the diabetics who have low tolerance for fructose or lactose, but not sucrose. Those are different types of diabetes, not diabetes mellitus.

      (My “sister” is not my blood sister. We were both only children raised by older parents in the 1950′s and 1960′s. We’ve been close friends for more than 39 years, mostly because we think alike. We can have a conversation while driving two different cars, and finish each other ‘s sentences. She’s the only friend who can follow the sudden “left turns” in my conversation without warning. Her conversation can take left turns too. ;-D )

    diabetes…is this a real progress?
    a vaccine used to combat TB could cure diabetes for most within four years,according to scientists.
    an american researcher realised a drug that killed “bad” white blood cells could help reverse type 1 diabetes.
    she then identified BCG,commonly used in britain to combat TB,as having this side effect.
    dr denise faustman found that mice with a form of diabetes type 1 in humans could be cured quickly when given the drug.
    she said:”they started improving within days after the first injection of BCG was given and were eventually free of diabetes.”
    the vaccine destroyed abnormal white blood cells obstructing the production of insulin,which is needed to prevent diabetes, she said.
    trials on humans, at massachussett general hospital, in boston,must first determine whether the same strategy could work on the abnormal autoimmune cells present in type 1 diabetes.
    this form of disease often starts in childhood when the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the …
    pancreas. but the study is unlikely to help those with type 2 diabetes.

    what do you think about it?

    • ANSWER:
      This is extremely interesting and if true, fabulous news!! It would help millions of people worldwide. However, I wonder if those with type one who become “cured” could later develop type two when they’re older.

    What are the chances for a cure for diabetes before I die ?
    I am 17 years old and have had type 1 diabetes since I was 8 years old. I am wondering what the chances are of getting a cure within my life time. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Andy, I honestly believe they already have a cure for it, but as long as billions and billions are made for all the medicine that is sold every year, they will never let it out.

    I have a new BF who has Type 1 Diabetes. When his sugar gets low he sleepwalks. Is there any way to prevent it?
    We have only been dating for 1 month but I am starting to fall in love with him. However, he has not been managing the disease well and went into a coma once and recently I was told had convulsions when his BG dropped to 18. He recently was hospitalized and is being treated by a specialist for this. I believe he will be getting the insulin pump in about a week.

    One night I did an overnight and it was very scarey for me. He turned into a different person in the middle of the night and called me bad names. I posted before on this forum about this. It frightened me terribly and I ended up leaving the hotel and police and paramedics came.

    I am now happy that he getting the medical care he needs and will be getting the pump. He also mentioned something about a new kind of insulin – NPH – that is longer lasting.

    on resaerching all this for weeks, I believe what happens to him at night is called Nocturnal Hypoglycemia. It was night sweats, night terrors, and sleep walking. This experience was so traumatic for me I am afraid to ever do an overnight again. Of course this hurts him terribly and it hurts me.

    It is early enough in the relationship where I can walk if I have to. I am just hoping there is some way to avoid leaving him. I am trying to figure out if there is anyway to guarantee this sleep walking will not recur. I know the pump should significantly reduce the chances of reoccurence, but everything I read sounds like there is no cure for this.

    As he is a former marine (got diabetes in the marine corp) for those wondering, and also has an abusive childhood, I worry that the low blood sugar and sleep walking could cause combative or even violent episodes. He is a wonderful guy the rest of the time, it’s just these overnights i dread. Without overnights we have no future.

    I am very sad for him and for myself as this might mean he will ever have a normal relationship or get married. He is a very big guy 6’3, 230 lbs, and if he gets combative in his sleep it is terrifying to me.

    Is there anything I am overlooking? Is there anyway this can work out. I read about some alarms that can attached to the wrist at night that will ring if blood sugar drops. Would that be a solution?

    Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks so much everyone.

    • ANSWER:
      Tell him to knock it off. Diabetes is not an excuse for everything

    Is there a study that may lead to the cure for Diabetes?
    My brother’s girlfriend has type 1 diabetes and she mentioned some Canadian study that may prove to provide a cure for diabetes. She didn’t give me a whole lot of details, but she said that by removing the pain (?) neurons around the nonfunctional Insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, some scientists had been able to restore the function of the cells. She mentioned that in a year or so they’d be done with their human tests, and she’s excited about the implications of such a study.

    I feel pretty uninformed, and I’m suprised I haven’t heard more about such a study. I ran a quick internet search and couldn’t find anything that matched what she had told me.

    Does anyone have any information? I’d like to learn more.

    • ANSWER:

    How to work onown reserach idea?
    I have finished my Masters in Biotechnology from UK.During my Masters I worked on the cure of Diabetes Type-1 by using embroyonic stem cell. I want to work on my idea. But I dnt know where to approach and how to work for this. Please provide me all relevant information.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey I m 2 a Biotech Graduate and intending to move UK for my masters, in my advice you should search in world how many labs/Professors of different Universities are working on topic of ur interest /research and send them your Idea as abstract with wish to do PhD under,they will surely apply +vly if they find your abstract attractive. And if you are applying in US then do give GRE before applying.

      All the best
      A good book for biotech beginners
      and to earn part time by writing articles

    any new medical interventions for curing diabetes?
    I have had type 1 diabetes for my whole life. I was just wondering if anyone knew of any new medical interventions that would help in the management, or totally getting rid of diabetes.
    Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve had diabetes since I was three. So, I know exactly what you’re going through :)

      So far, they don’t have an official cure for type one diabetes except for implanting a new pancreas. This process is fairly new and they’re still in the trial and error phase of it.

      Depending on your age, diet and exercise are your best bet for getting your blood sugar numbers under control.

      Hopefully, with the law that passed to promote stem cell research, they will be able to find a cure. Wouldn’t that be amazing? :)

      Hope this helps you out! :)

    Poll: Would you rather have Type 1 or Type 2 and why?
    I would rather have type 1. My rational is that they’re in the stages of human testing for a cure, and if I have Type 1 (I find out Tuesday) then I can get on the medicine and get rid of diabetes. A cure for Type 2 is years, maybe decades away…even if there is one out there.

    And “Neither” isn’t an option. If you had a choice between which type of diabetes you have…which one would you choose?
    You should check this website out…

    It’s BCG, a medicine they gave to cure TB, but it seems to *CURE* diabetes Type 1 as well.

    • ANSWER:
      Medically speaking, it’s always better when your body makes SOME insulin than none, but being surrounded by both, I’d say type 1.

      (And I’m quite right in the head Jackie. Your opinion is just that… an opinion.)

      We have both in my family. My daughter is type 1. She carb counts and on a pump. She has a certain freedom with food choices. She can eat when she’s hungry, and she doesn’t HAVE to eat when she’s not hungry. If she wants another scoop of (whatever) at dinnertime, she can have it. My mother in law is type 2. She has huge restrictions on her diet. She doesn’t have the same luxury as my daughter.

      Many people assume type 1 is worse because of the injections (and in my experience, all non-diabetics assume this). But the bigger picture above far outweighs that. Any type 1 will tell you the injections become second nature over time.

      Bottom line though is that they both suck. We look forward to a cure.

    is there any devices that treat diabetes?
    My mom is 59 and she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she is having a hard time adjusting to her condition. She heard of this device that treats/”cures” diabetes and it costs about a 1000$. The sales person convinced her it works. So my question is, do such device exist, that can treat or at least control diabetes?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no cure for diabetes.

      What you may be referring to is an insulin pump, which is not a cure, just a different way of administering insulin. Rather than giving her shots several times a day, she would just have to change the injection site of the pump every three days. A pump supplies a constant low level of insulin, and then she can give her self more to cover food intake by pushing a few buttons on the pump. It offers more freedom in when she can eat.

      However, I think you are mistaken about the price. Most pumps I’ve seen are in the -6000 range, and also require monthly supplies that would need to be purchased. Depending on your insurance, it may be covered some or not at all.

      If this is something that your mom might be interested in, some of the well known companies are Medtronic and Animas. Have her talk to her endocrinologist to see if she’s a good candidate for it, some doctors like to make patients wait until up to a year after diagnosis to see if blood sugars stabilize, other doctors will put someone on it right away if they think it’s a good fit.

    Can a type 1 become a JROTC or ROTC.?
    I have done lots of research on Diabetes and the military branches. Diabetics may not join any branch no matter what because they are insulin dependent and the military doesn’t want to deploy risk sending us diabetics out around the world with a chance of low blood sugar. I have learned about medical weavers and I know for a type 1 that these wont do it. I also know that there is civilian jobs at military bases that I can join. I even looked up a website ( that talks of diabetes type1 cure coming soon (no guarantee and who knows how far away is soon?). All that being said, would I be excepted in with the needed education and having type 1 diabetes?

    • ANSWER:

    Donations to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?
    I’m looking for people who would like to donate to a good cause.My 9 year old Stepson has type 1 diabetes and this year my family and I are going to be participating in The Walk To Cure Diabetes to help raise money and awareness to find a cure for this disease.If you,or anyone you know would like to donate,here is my online profile:

    If you prefer to look me up on you can click the “get involved” tab.Scroll down to “Walk To Cure” then type in my name (Tiffany Martinez) on the left side of the page.We are team “Take A Walk In Nick’s Shoes” walking in Monterey,CA.

    Thank You <3

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve already donated this year (I’ve been a donor since I was 11, I’m 20 now), but I will try my best to donate to your specific cause. :). I will talk to all my friends and family who also donate to JDRF and see if they’ll donate to your cause as well. :)

      I just made a donation through your profile page. I will be able to donate more after my surgery, till then, that was all I cloud afford. I hope it helps…

      I wish your team the very best.

    Can Muslims or Jews accept medicine from a pig?
    I was watching this current affairs program and they were saying New Zealand they discovered this pig colony living on a remote island and they believe that some enzyme in the pig could produce the cure for type 1 diabetes and it kind of made me wonder since in Islam and Judaism pigs are seen as dirty and you can’t even eat them, if a cure for some disease was made from a pig could a Muslim or Jew use it?

    • ANSWER:
      I am both an Orthodox Jew and a type 1 diabetic- since I was 9.

      According to Judaism pigs are not seen as dirty, they are simply non-kosher like any other non-kosher animal. An animal is non-kosher if it a) does not have split hooves or b) does not chew it’s cud. Pigs do not chew their cud and are hence non-kosher.

      Tasteless enzymes that are derived from animals are not considered food and hence cannot be non-kosher. As a child, I grew up using insulin derived from pigs before they came out with the human stuff and the Rabbi said it was perfectly fine.